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Behold the 'This Is Us'-inspired wedding shoot of our dreams

Baltimore-based photographer Karen Rainier styled a stunning wedding photo shoot inspired by Jack and Rebecca Pearson's bohemian wedding.
/ Source: TODAY

If Jack and Rebecca Pearson are your idea of relationship goals, a Baltimore-based wedding photographer has an idea for you.

A "This Is Us"-inspired wedding!

This is Us inspired wedding
Photographer Karen Rainier orchestrated a "This Is Us"-inspired wedding photo shoot.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

Photographer Karen Rainier says she's "obsessed" with the hit NBC show starring Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, so she styled a stunning wedding photo shoot inspired by the Pearsons' big day.

"I had been looking outside my own industry for inspiration. I was getting tired of the same colors, the same styles," Rainier told TODAY. "I knew I wanted to do a shoot based on pop culture."

This is Us inspired wedding
Both the shoot and the models themselves paid homage to Jack and Rebecca Pearson's love story.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

The self-proclaimed "TV junkie" said she got excited when she saw flashbacks of Jack and Rebecca's bohemian wedding day on the Season 1 episode "I Call Marriage."

"I was like, oh my gosh, that's so cool! It's retro but I could update it and make it very 'now," she explained. "That style is having a revival, that 'big '70s hair, the clothes."

This is Us inspired wedding
For the bride, a lovely crescent moon necklace just like the one Jack gives to Rebecca.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography, NBC

The only problem, says Rainier, was finding two gorgeous people who looked like Jack and Rebecca.

"I was thinking, 'How am I going to do this?' It's not that easy to come across people who look like Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore," she said, laughing.

This is Us inspired wedding
The photo shoot included custom vows inspired by a "This Is Us" scene that finds Jack and Rebecca exchanging vows in a bath tub.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

That's when a photographer friend helped her connect with a real-life married couple named Peter and Emily DiSalvo, who helped bring the Pearsons' special story to life.

This is Us inspired wedding
Leah Letters and Curious Fox Press collaborated on an invitation suite jam-packed with references to the show.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

"Jack and Rebecca's love story is just so romantic," said Rainier. "It just hits home for people because it feels so real. There's highs and lows. They go through stuff, but they stick together. They're a team."

This is Us inspired wedding
Rainer told TODAY because viewers have seen only Jack and Rebecca's wedding bands, she did not include an engagement ring.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

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Rainier said styling the shoot was a chance to "spread my creative wings," and to collaborate with vendors she knew would nail the details — everything from the bride's moon-shaped necklace to custom vows inspired by the scene when Jack and Rebecca pledge their love to each other — with champagne! — in a bath tub.

This is Us inspired wedding
Not only do real-life couple Peter and Emily DiSalvo resemble Jack and Rebecca, they had also recently moved out of their apartment, giving Rainier a perfect space to set up tiny lights just like Jack did for Rebecca.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

"It's a fun way to show my personality, what I like to shoot — to show my clients what their pictures could look like and give them a taste of what I'm interested in as well," she said.

This is Us inspired wedding
Rainier says she looks forward to styling more 'pop culture-infused' wedding photo shoots.Courtesy of Karen Ranier Photography

The response has been "super exciting," said Rainier, who says she looks forward to more "pop culture-infused" shoots.

"I know people — and couples — are sometimes super fans of TV shows and movies and I would love to style shoots for them," said Rainier.

For more of Rainier's work, check out her website and Instagram account.