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Behind the Breakup: Marc Anthony Had "Jealousy Issues" With Jennifer Lopez

Yes, Jennifer Lopez is "extremely upset" by her recent breakup with husband Marc Anthony, as some of her close friends reveal to us. Yes, she is indeed "devastated," as is being widely reported.
/ Source: E!online

Yes, Jennifer Lopez is " extremely upset " by her recent breakup with husband Marc Anthony, as some of her close friends reveal to us. Yes, she is indeed " devastated," as is being widely reported.

But what folks may not realize in this sad situation is that Jennifer's not just crying for the loss of her marriage, but the loss of something else:

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Her resolve.

"She tried so hard to make this marriage work," says a close friend and colleague to the American Idol star. But apparently, to no avail: "She put up with--and kept putting up with--Marc's controlling ways, which had been going on for a long time, and she was really trying to make the best of it."

Indeed, another source with intimate knowledge of the couple's activities tells us that as of a month ago, J.Lo and Marc were seemingly just as they've always been. They were focused on each other and the kids, working together on business-related projects--a reason so many are shocked at the split news.

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In fact, an Idol source says that throughout the entire season, J.Lo was almost "scary" in her devotion. "She was always saying, 'Marc likes this' or 'Marc doesn't like that,' as if he was her manager." Adds the Idol source, "We never once saw them fight."

But fighting they were: "He would micromanage their lives together," says our Lopez-Anthony insider. "He was all over her all the time--about everything--and I know she tried very hard, and for a long time, to act like it didn't bother her, but I know it did. A lot."

"He would hover over her, and it was almost antagonizing," the source says. "She couldn't breathe."

Another source close to the ex-couple tells us that early on in their marriage, they dealt with Marc's "jealousy issues" and that, yes, he could also be controlling. But the insecurities apparently cut both ways.

Jennifer was said to have been uncomfortable with Marc's ongoing relationship with his ex, Dayanara Torres, and, as the source describes it, "She nipped that in the bud. Marc didn't want to push her buttons, and she didn't want to push his. It seemed to be working for them."

But alas, not really.

"This was bound to happen," says one confidante to the glittery couple. "It was just getting too tense."

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