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Bazinga! Sheldon's best lines from 'Big Bang Theory's' season finale

Robert Voets / Today
The gang dines and discusses throwing a party for Leonard.

Live long and prosper, Leonard Hofstadter! OK, that may be a little bit of a dramatic farewell, but the gang of "The Big Bang Theory" did say goodbye to him on Thursday's season finale -- though it was just a temporary adios.

As the sixth season of CBS' hit comedy came to a close, the experimental physicist (Johnny Galecki) left to join Stephen Hawking's team on the North Sea for a few months, and naturally, the gang had to throw a farewell party for their pal. But at the shindig, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) was dumped via text by his new lady friend. (Beats getting dumped on a Post-It note, right?!) As sad as that was, it led the tongue-tied astrophysicist to discover that he no longer needed alcohol to talk to women. Good for Raj, bad for the girls. (As Amy said so succinctly in the closing moments, "Does he ever shut up?!")

Though the zingers came fast and furiously from many of the core characters throughout the episode, it was -- as usual -- Sheldon (Jim Parsons) who delivered the best. (Anything else would defy logic, as Sheldon might say.) Here are some of our favorites:

  • "I used to be uncomfortable around people, then I learned a trick: I pretend everyone I meet is a beloved character from 'Star Trek.' ... (It's) working like a charm, unnamed crewman in a red shirt!" -- to Leonard, while lunching with the guys.

  • "Should a guy with no name and a red shirt really go on an expedition?!" -- to Leonard, after hearing about his opportunity to join the North Sea expedition.

  • "No one asked you, Uhura!" -- to Raj, after Raj chimed in on Leonard's big opportunity.

  • "Leonard you’re being selfish. We need to give you a send-off so we'll have closure when you die at sea and crabs eat your face." -- while discussing Leonard's party during dinner with the gang at home.

  • "It’s not that big of an opportunity. Even if Hawking's theories are correct, all they prove is where the universe came from, why everything exists and what its ultimate end will be. Me? I’m interested in the big questions!" -- to Penny, while shopping for Leonard's going-away party.

  • "I’m not jealous. I’m just very unhappy that things are happening for him and not happening for me!" -- againto Penny, while shopping for Leonard's going-away party.
  • "It did not kill me when you went to space. MONKEYS went to space!" -- to Howard (Simon Helberg), who said it must've killed Sheldon when Howard went to the International Space Station at the end of season five.

  • "Penny, we’re in the red zone. You see, the white zone is for loading and unloading. We’re breaking the law. ... OK, you have to get out of the car right now. I’m not going to jail for you. ... Oh dear lord, a police officer glancing in our direction. We’ve been made! Don’t worry, officer, they just love each other, we’re not smuggling drugs!" -- while with Penny, dropping off Leonard at the airport and apparently parked illegally.

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