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Bazinga! Jim Parsons pokes fun at Bobby Moynihan in 'SNL' promos

Jim Parsons won't have "Big Bang Theory's" Howard (Simon Helberg) to make fun of mercilessly when he hosts "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, but it seems Bobby Moynihan will make a fine target.

In new promos released by the sketch-comedy show, Parsons makes the most of his opportunities to make the "SNL" repertory player the butt of his jokes. 

In one of the many teasers, Moynihan tries to make the actor more comfortable on the "SNL" set by employing a laugh track. When informed that "Big Bang" actually tapes in front of a live studio audience, the comedian said, embarrassed, "Well, I didn't know that. Now I feel real stupid."

"What else is new?" Parsons, the man behind nerdy Sheldon Cooper, shoots back. Cue the laugh track. (Burn!)

The canned giggles get even louder and more enthusiastic as Moynihan tries to rationalize his boo-boo before finally storming off.

In another, an exasperated Parsons tries to explain the proper way to use Sheldon's signature "Bazinga!" to the funnyman, who just didn't seem to get it. A third promo shows Moynihan seemingly pulling off a prank on the first-time "SNL" host — until the comedian learns he's actually been endlessly punked by the show for the last seven years. (Bazinga!)

Watch Parsons in action when "Saturday Night Live" airs this weekend at 11:30 p.m. on NBC. Beck will be the musical guest.