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Battle is brewing between Jamie Lynn, Casey

Relationship woes just keep mounting for Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge. Sources tell the Star the young parents are officially on the outs.
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Relationship woes just keep mounting for Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge.

The young parents were said to suffer a rough patch after a woman came forward claiming to have had an affair with Casey right under the former “Zoey 101” star’s nose. Now Star magazine reports that Jamie Lynn and her former fiancé are officially on the outs and set to battle it out.

According to a family friend, the latest troubles began after Jamie Lynn tried to set some ground rules to keep her partner’s wandering eye in check. Jamie Lynn allegedly asked Casey to give her the passwords to his email and voice mail accounts, be available via cell phone at all times, and follow a curfew that would have him home with her and baby Maddie no later than 9 p.m.

“She took a risk with all the rules, but in the end, everything just blew up in her face,” the insider told Star. “There was no way Casey was going to let her tell him what to do.”

Casey’s refusal led Jamie Lynn to pack her bags and head back to her family home, and now another source claims Casey wants to be reunited — with Jamie Lynn’s money.

“Casey never seemed too excited about being a father and becoming a part of Jamie Lynn’s family, but now he is desperate not to lose his meal ticket,” said a member of the Spears family. “He feels entitled to compensation because he thinks Jamie Lynn owes him for interrupting his life by choosing to give birth.”

Jessica and Tony get ready to play houseIt looks like things are getting serious between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. The couple plans to share a home soon, and according to the National Enquirer, they’re making room for a future addition.

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“Jessica still has her home in Beverly Hills, but she plans to oversee the redecoration of Tony’s house and then settle into the role of homemaker when her concert tour ends in October,” a friend revealed. “She’s already talking about repainting walls, and Tony’s agreed to let her turn one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery.”

Jessica’s not sporting a baby bump yet, but she and Tony view the move as a chance to “work out the kinks” before they get married and start a family.

“Jess plans on spending the rest of her life with Tony,” the insider told the Enquirer. “They’re laying the foundation for a life together as husband and wife … and parents.”

Dish on the flyDespite her box office success, Anne Hathaway doesn’t believe her acting merit compares to others in the industry. “(Keira Knightley, Anna Maxwell Martin and Emily Blunt) are in a different league from me in terms of talent,” the “Get Smart” star explained to the Daily Mail. “I think Emily Blunt will have no problem having a career to equal that of Cate Blanchett, but I’m not sure I’m talented enough for that … I do think my film career is way more successful than I deserve.” … What was behind Nicollette Sheridan’s sudden split from fiance Michael Bolton? In Touch Weekly reports it all came down to Nicollette’s demanding personality. “Honestly, Michael has had enough of her well-known diva ways and was ready to move on,” a “Desperate Housewives” insider told the magazine.

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