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Batman is the perfect fit for Christian Bale

Apparently, during his first stab at the Caped Crusader, the actor suffered due to a poorly proportioned batsuit.
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There’s still three long weeks before “The Dark Knight” hits theaters, but Christian Bale’s already making the rounds promoting what’s sure to be the biggest hit of the summer. In his second time at the “Batman” helm, he told Parade magazine he feels like he finally fits the part.

Well, more accurately it’s the outfit that Christian fits. Apparently, during his first stab at the Caped Crusader, the actor suffered due to a poorly proportioned batsuit.

“The first movie was like having a vice tightened around my skull for months on end, which I convinced myself only helped me to portray the rage that this alter ego, Batman, felt,” Christian confessed.

With the redesigned “Dark Knight” duds, the star was able to ditch the forced method acting and enjoy the part. “I thankfully discovered that I didn't need that vice squeezing my head to portray that rage this time around,” he said. “They were able to make that a whole lot more comfortable.”

The secret behind the cozier costume was simple, as Christian added, “It was just material that was able to breathe a little, so that I wasn't leaving the puddles of sweat behind me if I stood still for longer than 30 seconds."

Sherri Shepherd caught in the act A quick snack attack turned into an embarrassing lesson for “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd. According to the National Enquirer, the talk host recently attempted to partake in her favorite frozen treat only to have it ripped from her hands.

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After allegedly ordering a Pinkberry frozen yogurt (complete with cookies and cream, Cocoa Pebbles and fruit toppings), Sherri lost her tasty order to a stranger who said, “Hey … you’re not supposed to have this!”

Though Sherri didn’t think of it at the time, the woman, who was accompanied by two amused friends, was only acting on the host’s own instructions.

“We heard you say on ‘The View’ that if anyone ever sees you at a Pinkberry yogurt store, to stop you because you have diabetes,” the well-meaning fan said.

Sherri followed up a “me and my big mouth” exclamation with thanks and treated the women to a round of yogurts.

Dish on the fly Contrary to a report from E!'s The Awful Truth, Bennifer 2.0 is still going strong. On Tuesday, Ted Casablanca dished a soon-to-be split for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, but Jen’s rep told, “There is not one ounce of truth to it.” … “Get Smart” actress Anne Hathaway has a hankering for healthy food. “If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life I would choose sushi, because you can prepare it in several different ways and it is so healthy,” Anne said in a quote posted to Female First. If sushi is off the menu in the hypothetical solo-sustenance future, she has a back up plan in the form of broccoli with brown rice.

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