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Bass says ‘odds are good’ for ’N Sync reunion

Lance Bass revealed to Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell that “the odds are good” for a 'N Sync reunion in the near future as soon as Justin Timberlake's schedule opens up.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Lance Bass is gearing up to battle for dance floor supremacy on the upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars,” but the former boy band member might also be brushing up on some fancy footwork from his past. He revealed exclusively to Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell that “the odds are good” for a 'N Sync reunion in the near future.

“We’re definitely itching to do some music,” Bass said of reuniting with fellow 'N Sync members Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick. “We’ve always discussed it. It’s always a possibility and we still owe some records to the record companies.”

“I want like the seriousness of the possibility,” O’Dell asked of the reunion actually happening.

“The seriousness is good,” Bass said. “I’m serious!”

As for the rest of the group members, who all have their own projects in the works, they too are on board for a reunion, according to Bass — now if they could only get Timberlake to take a break.

“(They’re) pretty serious, (but) it’s gonna be hard to get Justin to calm down and get off tour. He has not stopped since our last tour. He’s a workaholic,” Bass said.

And when can fans except to hear hits like “It’s Gonna Be Me,” “Bye Bye Bye” and “Girlfriend” again?

“It could be possibly a year, it could be five years from now,” Bass said. “Depends on everyone’s schedules kind of aligning together.”

Bass said the reunion will happen on their own terms.

“We’ll do it on our own time. We’re going to make it very organic and it won’t be rushed, that’s for sure!” he added.

Even before the first ticket is sold to the reunion tour, fans of the boy band could see a 'N Sync reunion of sorts on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Are they going to come out and support you?” O’Dell asked.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure, yeah,” he said. “They’ll be out there.”

Just as Bass’s former group members will be there to cheer him on as he cuts up the dance floor, Bass revealed that he had the opportunity to support his good friend Christina Applegate during her recent treatment for breast cancer.

“It was nice to be there for her,” he said of the time he spent with Applegate. “She went through it like a champ, and came out of it very positive and totally successful. I think it’s amazing that she’s going to go out there and try to help other women.”

Bass and Applegate have been close friends since meeting in 2002 at the premiere of the film “The Sweetest Thing,” which Applegate starred in with Cameron Diaz.

Bass said this is not the first time they will support each other, nor the last.