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Baseball stars help Ellen finally land Clooney

Noah Wylie helped Ellen DeGeneres get what Victoria’s Secret models, Miss America, Dolly Parton, Chippendales dancers and Kate Hudson had failed to accomplish — George Clooney.

And, all it took was some baseball to make Ellen’s newfound slogan, “George is Mine in ’09,” a reality.

Ellen has been on the hunt to land Clooney as a guest on her talk show for months — and using the advice of the actor’s former “ER” co-star, Ellen’s dream will come true on Monday.

The talk show host enlisted the help of former Cincinnati Reds players Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan in order to get the actor (who is a big baseball fan) on her show — along with a few other sneaky tactics.

“You’ve known about all this?” Ellen asked Clooney, referring to her antics on the Warner Bros. studio lot attempting to woo the actor. “Have people been informing you every step of the way of what we’ve done?”

“Informing me is not really what I would call what my office has been doing. Ah, complaining,” Clooney joked. “They were a little concerned when that marching band came in.”

Ellen has employed every trick in the book in an attempt to get Clooney as a guest. In addition to the marching band, Ellen sent six shirtless Chippendale dancers to actor’s office last month — based on the advice of Clooney's pal, Brad Pitt — along with decorating his bungalow for Halloween and a slew of gifts.

“People do come up to me all the time and say, ‘What’s wrong with you man? Why don’t you go on Ellen’s show?’” Clooney admitted. “(But) I haven’t been in town, which I haven’t been in town for a long time.”

Gifts and lovely ladies didn’t get Clooney on the show, but his love of baseball did.

“This is pretty good,” the actor said of his meeting with baseball legends Bench and Morgan.