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Barron Hilton Ordered to Fork Over $5 Million to Gas Station Employee

Barron Hilton's DUI is going to cost him a pretty penny indeed.
/ Source: E!online

Barron Hilton's DUI is going to cost him a pretty penny indeed.

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury has ordered Paris Hilton's little brother to pony up $4.9 million to a gas station attendant he hit with his car in 2008, the same day he was busted for drunk driving.

Talk about shelling out gas money.

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The July 7 verdict settles a civil suit filed by Fernando Tellez, whose lawyer claims he was permanently disabled and has to "undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures" after the then 18-year-old Barron struck him with his Mercedes-Benz as he pulled into a Pacific Coast Highway gas station.

Hilton was taken into custody for a DUI after his blood-alcohol level registered 0.14, well above California's legal limit. Witnesses also said he was driving the wrong way down the highway for miles before running into Tellez. Barron subsequently pleaded no contest and received three years' probation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the $4.6 million judgment covers pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of earnings. Additionally, Hilton must also pay $225,000 in punitive damages and almost $71,000 in interest.

Barron was unavailable for comment. According to his Twitter page, the day the jury handed down its decision, he was living it up in the Hamptons.

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