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Barbara Walters, Donald Trump end their feud

‘I’ve missed you,’ Walters told Trump on her Sirius radio show.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Barbara Walters and Donald Trump have rekindled their friendship.

Two years ago, the two engaged in a war of words when Rosie O’Donnell criticized Trump’s decision to give Miss USA Tara Conner a second chance, after the beauty queen got involved in partying and drug use. Walters’ defense of O’Donnell had Trump telling the media that the veteran journalist was “off his list.” Another feud flared up when Trump attacked O’Donnell in the press and Walters responded on “The View,” calling him “that poor, pathetic man.”

But now, it appears the fences have been mended, according to an interview Walters conducted with Trump for her Sirius radio show on Monday afternoon.

“I’ve missed you,” Walters said.

“Well, I’ve missed you too. We’re friends and we’ve been friends for a long time. I always appreciated that indirectly you were very, very vigilant when it came to me. And very fair, I thought. At least for a little while,” Trump said. “And then you became a little unfair.”

After choosing not to discuss Trump’s point of view, the two moved on, revealing that they actually renewed their friendship while Howard Stern shared his wedding vows with Beth Ostrosky.

“We became… friends again at Howard Stern’s wonderful wedding,” Trump said. “Which was terrific.”

And after sharing the news of their friendship, the two turned their conversation to Trump’s NBC show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” which Walters once stood silent on as O’Donnell trashed the show’s ratings. This time around though, Walters, and “View” Executive Producer Bill Geddie, who she does her Sirius show with, asked about Dennis Rodman who had an alcohol intervention of sorts on the last episode.

“Dennis actually came to my office after the show was completed. It was actually very nice,” Trump explained. “He really wants to straighten himself out. He got a glimpse of himself, I think, by doing ‘The Apprentice’ and he really wants to straighten himself out and I thought it was great.”

Trump also opened up about rumors his daughter, Ivanka, is set to tie the knot.

“She’s not getting married, she’s not engaged,” Trump said. “But she does have a relationship going with a very nice guy. But she’s never told me she’s getting married.”

But he wasn’t so sure about whether Ivanka will be converting to Judaism.

“Well, she has a boyfriend who is Jewish who is just an absolutely nice guy and a very smart guy… I guess they have something in mind, but they haven’t formally announced anything,” he said.