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Barbara Eden still dreamy in 'Jeannie' outfit

She's still dreamy. "I Dream of Jeannie" star Barbara Eden can still fit in to her sexy genie costume from the 1960s sitcom, as she displayed at Vienna's Life Ball charity gala on Saturday.

Barbara Eden donned her famed "I Dream of Jeannie" costume at Vienna's Life Ball and shared an onstage laugh with former president Bill Clinton.

While IMDb.com lists Eden's age as 78 (though noting a high-school graduation date that would make her a 15-year-old grad), Wikipedia links to a birth certificate that would put her age at 81.

Eden later tweeted a photo from the event with the caption, "Here it is folks! The navel that put NBC on edge."



On the show, Eden's navel was famously hidden for most episodes by order of network censors.

Eden's genie costume fit right in with the event's theme of "Tales of 1,001 Nights."

Celebrities such as Carmen Electra and former president Bill Clinton attended the Austrian event.