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Bale lost 63 pounds for ‘Machinist’

Actor weighed 122 pounds while shooting film
/ Source: The Associated Press

To lose 63 pounds, Christian Bale stopped eating and kept on moving.

Normally weighing in at 185 pounds, the actor adhered to a fairly uncomplicated weight-loss regimen for the movie “The Machinist.” He ignored food and ramped up his fat-burning power by running.

“I didn’t look at the script and think, ‘Oh my God, I get a chance to lose weight for this movie. Yes!”’ Bale, 30, told the San Francisco Chronicle in Sunday’s editions. “That would have been moronic. It was a matter of me liking the script so much that I wanted to achieve what I felt was necessary.”

In “The Machinist,” Bale plays Trevor Reznik, a paranoid, forgetful, guilt-ridden factory worker who is beset by hallucinations because he hasn’t slept for a year.

“I eventually hit a point where the running wasn’t working anymore,” he said. “It was more like stumbling — the legs had atrophied to such an extent they looked comical.”

A former child actor who starred in Steven Spielberg’s 1987 “Empire of the Sun,” Bale has appeared in “American Psycho,” “Shaft,” “Reign of Fire” and “Laurel Canyon.”