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Bad Girls Club Star Hospitalized

Natalie Nunn has gone from Bad Girls Club to the Bad Health Club.
/ Source: E!online

Natalie Nunn has gone from Bad Girls Club to the Bad Health Club.

The star of Oxygen's estrogen-fueled reality series was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital early this morning after collapsing in her Hollywood Hills condo.

Nunn's comanager Cordell Capone tells E! News that the buxom brunette was treated in the emergency room of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for possible exhaustion and underwent various tests.

So what's the prognosis?

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"Nothing has been confirmed at this time," Capone says. "They are running tests to see what is wrong. But she has been traveling all over. Literally she has been in almost four or fives states and cities every single week including Barbados and Bermuda."

Nunn, 24, did feel well enough however to take to her Twitter page a few hours later and give her fans an update.

"I just checked out of the hospital...Everything is going to be ok," the reality rebel informed her followers.

Nunn later added that she wasn't too thrilled to be the focus of paparazzi attention either.

"Just woke up to take some meds... thinking about last night when i was leaving the emergency room..paparazzi everywhere outside...=( NOT OK," she tweeted. "All I wanted was my mommy last night.... and my #teamnatalierockstars...xoxox"

Take it easy, Natalie, and try not to burn yourself out!

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