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Backstage at DWTS: Latest Elimination a "Hard Pill to Swallow"

"Crazy season, don't you think?" And those were the last words he ever spoke...
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"Crazy season, don't you think?"

And those were the last words he ever spoke...

Kidding! That was just Derek Hough perfectly summing up another wonky elimination after Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars. And he's not the only one. Everyone backstage was shocked by the star sent a-packin' (and a few of the stars left standing)...

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Good thing he has Eliza Dushku waiting at home, because poor Rick Fox is officially out of the running on DWTS--totally unfair, right?!

"We were the couple going home," Rick tells us with a sad shrug. "It's a lot of work put in; you don't visualize going home, you visualize being here every week. But it's now something that both [Cheryl Burke and I are] processing for the first time.

"Not having to go to the studio to rehearse tomorrow? That's a hard pill to swallow."

"Rick and I have developed such a good relationship and such open communication," adds Cheryl. "It's something I've never had with previous partners. I've learned a lot from Rick. I'm going to miss his stories and his friendship."

Obviously, the Dancing competition is coming down to the wire and someone has to go home each week, but that doesn't make the loss any easier on the remaining contestants.

"Audrina [Patridge] last week, Rick this week," a bewildered Derek says. "Crazy." Adds Jennifer Grey: "I'm going to miss everything. I just love them. They are very, very special, fun, funny, sweet people."

"He's an amazing guy; very soft spoken, very sweet," chimes in Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

But it's what Maks' partner Brandy tells us that really made us think (and wonder if we had heard her correctly!):

"Rick doesn't deserve to go home," the singer says. "And if it had been Kyle [Massey], he wouldn't have deserved it either."

So, we're not sure if she's saying it should have been Bristol Palin or Kurt Warner instead of the famed Lakers vet, but it doesn't really matter now. The elimination is over, and sadly, DWTS is down one tall, handsome groove thang.

Plus, if it matters, Bristol's just as surprised as the rest of us that she's still in the competition. "I'm relieved and shocked," she laughs. "Can't believe we made it to another week, but I'm thankful for the fans that voted for us."

Did the right guy go home? Did you vote for someone else? Who's going to win it all now? Let us know!

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