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Backstage at DWTS: Bristol Palin Explains Tonight's "Bizarre" Scores

Low scores haven't hurt 'em in the past, so why worry now?
/ Source: E!online

Low scores haven't hurt 'em in the past, so why worry now?

Sure, Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas wound up at the bottom of Dancing With the Stars' finale leaderboard, but Team Pistol is A-OK and has a completely logical explanation for tonight's "bizarre" scoring outcome:

Blame Rene Zellweger!

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Actually, blame Rene, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mya and the entire cast of Chicago (from both Broadway and the big screen)!

"Look, Broadway's never been done in the finals, so I thought we'd take it and add some creativity," Mark explained. "And I was bummed that we didn't get three nines, but the judges weren't satisfied and were comparing us to the movie--it's a multi-million dollar movie! With the best dancers in the world!"

"And Rene Zellweger," added Bristol with a laugh. "It was bizarre because we had only five days to rehearse this on top of another dance. I am bummed about the scores because I thought the routine went so well and I had fun out there. It was definitely risky to do a performance like that, but it was good."

Elsewhere in the Dancingverse, finalists Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey were celebrating their finale moments.

"I'm so happy, I'm shocked!" Jennifer gushed. "It's amazing."

And the cute nod to Dirty Dancing and the watermelon? All Derek Hough.

"I haven't touched watermelons [since Dirty Dancing]," she tells us. "It was all Derek. He's so smart and clever, and just put a little wink and nod to it--I'm not Baby anymore."

Said an excited Kyle, "Tonight was the most fun of the whole season. Freestyle basically means nobody has expectations--and we set the bar pretty high. Now we've got to end it with a bang."

Be sure to head back here tomorrow night for your final dose of backstage scoop, plus a chat with this season's DWTS champ!

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