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'Back to the Future' Monopoly adds time-traveling spin to classic board game

Just in time for "Back to the Future's" 30th anniversary, the new Monopoly Board version is out!
/ Source: TODAY

Though you may never get the chance to go to Hill Valley, now you can own it! For all Monopoly enthusiasts, “Back to the Future” fans and people that just like some good, old-fashioned time traveling, the newest game board is out! And, it's just in time for the 30th anniversary of the first film in the trilogy (and the future year in which "Back to the Future Part II" largely took place).

The new game still has the same familiar layout and components, but with a McFly twist: Each block of properties with the same color are all based on the same property, but during different points in time. With properties such as Café 80s, Doc’s Lab and even the infamous Clock Tower (guess where), you’ll have three movies' worth of adventures in your living room.

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Though the board is not available for purchase yet, reports that it will be released Sept. 30.

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Of course, don’t forget the game tokens. All the original pieces have been swapped out for their BTTF counterparts. Fan-favorites such as the DeLorean time machine, Doc’s dog Einstein, even the Nike Mag auto-lacing shoes will grace the board.