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'The Bachelor's' Andrew and Jen split

Firestone is the third 'Bachelor' who did not make it to the altar.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Reality has set in for yet another reality TV couple, as Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft from “The Bachelor” have broken up.

The heir to the Firestone tire and wine fortune proposed to Schefft, a petite Marcia Brady look-alike, in May on the ABC dating show.

But the couple released a statement to the syndicated entertainment series “Extra” on Monday, saying they were no longer together.

“This is a decision we made together through long and thoughtful discussion,” Firestone said. “It is totally amicable and, though we care for each other deeply, we have come to realize that our future goals are different.”

Schefft added: “Our love for each other was genuine, but we confronted the same challenges as any other couple trying to make a relationship work day-to-day.”

Both “Bachelor” bachelors before Firestone, Alex Michel and Aaron Buerge, have broken up with the women they chose. On the most recent season, Bob Guiney gave a ring to Estella Gardinier, then asked her to wear it on her right hand.

But Trista Rehn of “The Bachelorette” has made her made-for-TV romance last; she married firefighter Ryan Sutter on Saturday. The wedding is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday on ABC.