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The Bachelorette's Ashley Can't Keep Bentley Off the Brain, So Another Dude Decides to Leave

After sending three fellas home last week, Ashley Hebert and the guy gang ditched Thailand and continued their journey of love in Hong Kong.
/ Source: E!online

After sending three fellas home last week, Ashley Hebert and the guy gang ditched Thailand and continued their journey of love in Hong Kong.

Oh, but that had to be put on hold for a quick second, because Bentley was also in Hong Kong.

Here's what happened...

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Well, Ashley got the closure she's been wanting.

We could tell the Bachelorette was hoping Bentley was back to stay and say sorry, but that wasn't the case. Instead, he came back to replace the "dot, dot, dots" of their relationship to a "period."

And even though she's been saying that's all she wanted, she was not happy.

After numerous awkward silences and uncomfortable smiles, Ashley walked out of the hotel room and declared that she could now see through him. (We can only hope.)

After Bentley was his usual self, we learned that there would be two one-on-one dates and one group date.

Lucas snagged his first private outing, which included a nice stroll around the city at night, eating different types of food and sailing (and Ashley continuously talking about Bentley, but only to us).

It all worked out, because Lucas got a rose and his first kiss with Ashley.

So, while he was swooning and she continued to assert the fact that she's over Bentley, the rest of the guys sat in the hotel and discussed who would get the next one-on-one.

Ryan and Blake were only two guys who haven't had a solo date with Ashley, and when the envelope was delivered, their emotions were on edge.

Unfortunately, both their names were on the note, meaning they were both part of the group date.

So who got the solo date?!

Lucky guy J.P. got his second one-on-one. But first, the group date.

All the guys met up with Ashley to go dragon-boat racing.

They were split into three teams of two and then sent out to the streets to recruit more people onto their team.

As the three teams rowed their lives away, Mickey and Ames came out on top. And while the group grilled them on how they found such great rowers, a surprise happened next to them on the beach.

An engagement!

Awww, funny how things happen like that.

Anyway, the sun went down and the group took their collective date to a lounge. Ames was quick to steal Ashley away and took her as far from the guys as possible, and also made some pretty heavy moves.

Liquid courage, perhaps?

That wasn't the last of it, either. Ashley got her lip exercises going with a couple of the guys that night. Get it girl!

Meanwhile, the crew kept speaking ill of Ryan, saying how much they hoped he would go home soon. And just as they said that, Ashley went to grab the rose while she was speaking to him.

Way to jinx it guys.

The next night, J.P. went on his "first, second one-on-one" with Ashley. Dinner was going extremely well, as J.P. opened up about his past and Ashley declared she's falling for him.

And then she had to ruin the moment by telling him about Bentley's visit (sigh).

But since J.P. is a sweetie pie, he just thanked her for being honest and reminded her that she can talk to him about whatever is on her mind. Then they kissed and he got a rose.

Ashley made the mistake of taking J.P.'s reaction as the probable reaction from all the other guys. So she decided to tell everyone else about Bentley's drop-in.

News flash, Ashley: Not everybody is J.P.

The guys were pissed, and Ashley couldn't take the criticism without wanting to cry, so she left the room and the guys continued to assess what they had heard.

Ryan then swooped in, trying to gain some brownie points.

Not everyone wanted to be suave about the situation. Blake expressed how belittled he felt, and Mickey was so angry that he asked to leave. So that's what he did: Mickey up and left the competition right there and then.

Going into the rose ceremony, we wondered more about whether or not the guys would accept the rose rather than who would be getting one.

But everyone who was offered a rose accepted it, and Blake was the one who was sent home.

The journey continues in Taiwan next week!

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(Originally published June 27, 2011, at 8:25 p.m. PT)