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The Bachelorette: Three Guys Go Home, One Guy Is Coming Back

Ah, the latest Bachelorette episode--as they say in Thailand, "Same same but different."
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Ah, the latest Bachelorette episode--as they say in Thailand, "Same same but different."

The group of guys and Ashley continue their journey for love as they go from Phuket to Chang Mai.

This seems to be a perfect transition for some of the potential suitors. One says there's no other city he'd rather go on a date in (because Paris is so overrated, right?!), and another says if you don't find love there, then you're hopeless.

Well, let's hope he's not the one eating his words at the rose ceremony.

Anyway, just like usual, there will be dates on this trip, but with a twist. Three dates will be planned: a one-on-one date, a group date and a two-on-one date (uh-oh!) where one of the men will leave that night! Pressure!

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Ben F. gets chosen for the one-on-one date, and right away the other men start giving those green with envy stares.

The duo decides to hit up a local marketplace to get a taste of Thailand and also experience something that would be similar to "real life" (basically Ashley shops and Ben gives compliments). Then they paint on little umbrellas together and talk about how they're made for each other.

Then they visit an ancient ruin, and there's the awkward temptation of wanting to kiss each other and them talking about wanting to kiss but they can't because those grounds are sacred.

What a bummer!

So what do they do instead? Give each other a mental kiss (not sure how that is done, so don't ask). But once the sun goes down, the two get super intimate and personal. Yes, they finally kiss (for real) and he gets a rose.

Now it's time for the group date, and I'm sure they could've picked a better way to spend time together, but it's TV, so this makes sense.

"Love is worth fighting for" is how this outing was described, so as you can guess, the guys split into pairs and start training, then fighting in Muy Thai boxing.

With all that built up testosterone, someone's bound to get hurt. And well, someone does.

Ames gets his you-know-what handed to him and we kind of felt bad for the guy. So did Ashley.

After getting some medical attention (and a mild concussion), Ames was back in the game and arrived in the middle of the night group date. Hey, at least he can say he's been in a fight now.

But after all that, Blake ends up getting the rose during the group date. Poor Ames.

The next day was the two-on-one date with Ben C. and William. The threesome go on a river ride with Ben and Will rowing Queen Ashley on the raft to their final destination: a picnic.

William has quite the game plan when it comes to defeating this two-on-one deal (and he totally doesn't throw anyone under the bus...)

Well played, sir. Ben C. was sent home! But the jokes on you, William, because you're sent packing, too!

And later, Nick rounds out the kicked-out trio.

You didn't think we'd get through a whole episode Bentley-free did you?!

Ashley sobs about the schmuck again, saying she needs to find some closure with him, and although some people (us) might think she's acting stupid for being stuck on a guy who left her (uh, yeah!), all she knows is what she felt for that short period of time.

Maybe she will get closure. Because when the group goes to Hong Kong on next week's episode, so does Bentley.

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(Originally published June 20, 2011, at 7:39 p.m. PT)