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'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Here's everything you need to know

Season 12 of "The Bachelorette" ends next week as JoJo decides who will be her fiance ... Jordan, the former pro quarterback, or Robby, the former competitive swimmer.
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Season 12 of "The Bachelorette" ends next week as JoJo decides who will be her fiance ... Jordan, the former pro quarterback, or Robby, the former competitive swimmer. And yes — those job titles are on their official show bios.

So, what better time is there to pause and look back at some of the Bachelors she decided to take a pass on?

On Tuesday night, 18 former Bachelors reunited on "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" to confront JoJo, and each other, about their time in the Bachelor mansion.

But enough about JoJo and her cast-off Bachelors, because last night the show quickly turned into a special about one guy — Chad — who has been called "the most hated Bachelor in show history."

ABC opened the special by hardly showing star JoJo ... Instead they showed Chad (accompanied by security) walking into a private dressing room. This was our first heads up that a lot of this two-hour finale (to be exact, the first 59 minutes) would be about, and against, the man America loved to hate. Welcome to "The Chad Show"!

So here are some "Chad highlights" and other watercooler moments from last night's reunion special.

1. Chad — "The Villain" — keeps on "villain-ing"

The Background: Chad quickly became the most hated Bachelor in the house during his run on the show. He was extremely aggressive toward the other guys, and after only a few episodes had harassed and threatened most of his fellow contestants in the house. After one argument where he was accused of taking steroids, he punched a door, leaving his knuckles a bloody mess.

He also threatened front-runner Jordan, warning him that after the show he would hunt him down and confront him at his home.

Chad played up his "cave man" ways in the mansion by obsessively working out, eating meat by the handfuls, and regularly downing protein shakes.

What happened at the reunion: Chad explained his aggressive behavior by simply saying that he wasn't willing to pretend to be friends with the other guys. He described himself as the only honest one there and when asked if he really wanted to fight some of the guys, his response was "yes", he did want to punch them.

He also acknowledged that after filming he reached out to some of the ex-girlfriends of his fellow contestants, to dig up dirt up about the guys. And guess what? He ended up dating two of them!

Does he have any regrets? Nope.

Later in the show, Chad tried to get a reaction out of JoJo by dissing her final two guys. He claimed that Robby broke up with his girlfriend "days before filming" and Jordan "is a liar, cheater, whose older brother won't even talk to him."

JoJo's response: "I could go off right now, but it's not even worth my time ... He's not worth my breath."

Preach, JoJo!

In the end, I think contestant Wells said it best ... he said he actually felt sorry for Chad because this aggressive persona he created on the reality show will follow him and affect his future. And for a brief moment, I do think I saw a real reaction in Chad's face to those words ... as he realized that Wells might be correct.

What's next: Sadly, Chad gets to extend his 15 minutes of fame as he heads into the spinoff "Bachelor in Paradise," which airs next month. Will America want to see more of his testosterone, cave-man behavior ... or will they change the channel? Only time will tell.

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2. Luke regrets not saying "I love you" sooner

The Background: Luke came in fourth place on this season's "The Bachelorette." He was an intense, quiet guy who had tons of chemistry with JoJo from episode one.

His only problem: He could not say "I love you."

In the final moments of the final-four rose ceremony, he pulled her aside to drop the three big words on her but it was too little, too late for the military veteran and he was sent home.

Luke felt blindsided saying "I thought when I kissed you, I thought when I looked into your eyes, I thought those times we had.. that the magic was real."

So last night, Luke wanted some answers.

What happened at the reunion: Luke said he regretted not seizing the moment and telling her "he loved her" sooner in their relationship.

But would saying "I love you" sooner have made a difference? According to JoJo, maybe?

She said waiting until the last minute to say "I love you" made the words "seem forced."

In the end, he took the high road, thanked JoJo for helping him "open his heart and learn to love again," even though he has struggled with anxiety attacks since their split.

What's next? He's reportedly in talks to be the next "Bachelor." When Chris Harrison asked him last night if he's ready to fall in love again ... his reply: "I'm ready. I'm ready to fall in love."

Hmmmm ... seems like we may see him getting out of a limo again very soon.

3. Chase regrets saying "I love you"... period.

The Background: Chase was the dark horse on this season's "The Bachelorette." To be honest, I have watched the whole season and hardly knew who the guy was... But somehow he made it all the way to the final three.

During the Fantasy Suite episode, Chase revealed to JoJo that he was in love with her. Her response: She immediately sent him home, saying they weren't on the same page. Ouch!

What happened at the reunion: Chase confronted JoJo about the Fantasy Suite gone wrong moment. Why did she invite him to the fantasy suite so they could have alone one on one time together (wink wink) if she was going to send him home only a few moments later?

JoJo didn't have a good answer for that question ... instead she said she regretted how she handled the situation and still feels "guilty about that."

What's next: There might be clues on how Chase ended his conversation with JoJo last night. Instead of being angry about how he was led on, he ended his time with JoJo saying he's thankful for how much she taught him about love. Hmmmm ... He let her off pretty easy, in my opinion. Could that mean he's also in the running to be next season's "Bachelor"?

4. Vinny's mom steals the show!

The most real moment of the night was Vinny's mom!

Bachelor Vinny was kicked off after just a few episodes, and last night his mom was ready to defend her son.

Seated in the audience, his mom couldn't resist standing up to defend her boy screaming over the crowd to JoJo, "You keep saying you wanted the greatest guy. There he was!"

Go mom!