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'Bachelorette' finale twist! Here's who Hannah picked (and what happened after)

The 15th season of "The Bachelorette" ended Tuesday with a two-part finale that saw Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron compete for Hannah Brown's affection.
/ Source: TODAY

And the final rose goes to Jed ... or does it?

The 15th season of "The Bachelorette" came to a dramatic end Tuesday night when the conclusion of a two-part finale saw finalists Jed Wyatt, a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Tennessee, and Tyler Cameron, a general contractor from Florida, vie for Hannah Brown's affection.

Hannah Brown, seen with host Chris Harrison, gave out her final rose in the "Bachelorette" finale.ABC

In the first part of the episode, the 24-year-old interior decorator and former Miss Alabama accepted a proposal from Wyatt during a trip to Greece.

Cameron was sent home at the final rose ceremony, after Brown explained, “I am so lucky to be loved by you, and I feel that. You have supported me. You have been so sweet and strong for me and done everything that I’ve asked and more, and loved me so much, and my life would be amazing. And when I told you I was falling in love with you, I mean it. I love someone else. I’m so sorry.”

Next, it was time for Brown and Wyatt to get engaged.

Wyatt showed up with his guitar and told Brown, "Talking is hard for me sometimes," before launching into a song for the proposal.

“I’ve been praying for this moment for a long time; I’ve been praying for you," Brown told Wyatt.

"You've supported me, you've loved me, you've challenged me, you've moved me, and it’s made me love you so, so much," she added.

Jed Wyatt (left) and Tyler Cameron were the two finalists in this season of "The Bachelorette."
Jed Wyatt (left) and Tyler Cameron were the two finalists in this season of "The Bachelorette."ABC

But, as host Chris Harrison promised, there was a twist.

After the engagement, Brown revealed, she discovered a People magazine story that claimed Wyatt was still dating his former girlfriend, Nashville musician Haley Stevens, when he joined the cast of the reality series.

"Jed has muddied the waters of our future together and it’s not what I said yes to," she said.

Brown was shown confronting Wyatt, who insisted he'd interpreted the relationship with Stevens as more casual than reports suggested.

Though Wyatt admitted that he "wasn't proud" of the way he handled things, Brown broke it off, telling him, "The first way to be a better person is to be honest about your past."

"Nothing is ever how you plan it to be, but I just feel like this experience has been taken away from me," she said before returning the ring. "You got to see all of me; I didn’t get to see all of you.”

In the live studio portion of the episode, Brown confirmed to Harrison that the engagement was still over.

"I am not with Jed anymore," she announced to loud cheers from the audience. "The engagement's over. We're not together. That's not what I said yes to."

"I’ve grown so much and I know that I deserve more than that," she added.

The former couple then reunited onstage for the first time since their split, and Wyatt apologized again for his behavior.

“I appreciate your aplology and I know that this hasn’t been easy for you and your family, and I know critics can be hard," Brown responded. "What you did was not right and not good, but I did fall in love with you and I know that person's in there and I hope that from this, you will be honest and learn and grow into the man that I do believe you can be for whoever in your future."


Finally, Cameron joined Brown and Harrison onstage, praising Brown as "powerful and strong."

Brown revealed she still had "feelings" for Cameron, telling him, "You’re an incredible guy and I’m a single girl," and suggesting they go for a drink. The pair hinted that they'd see each other again, much to the audience's delight.

Monday night's installment of the finale was also emotional. Brown said goodbye to 27-year-old pilot Peter Weber, assuring him, "Everything that our relationship has been has been perfect, and it has been so easy. You're, like, the dream guy," despite her decision to move forward with the other two men.

Brown previously competed for Colton Underwood’s heart on the 23rd season of "The Bachelor."