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Former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe helps in Houston after Hurricane Harvey: 'My heart broke'

/ Source: TODAY

As the flood waters continued to rise in Houston Monday, former "Bachelor" Sean Lowe borrowed a boat and set out to help those stranded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The Texas native shared photos from the experience, as well as his feelings about what he witnessed, on Instagram.

"Today I had the chance to do what I could to help some people in the Houston area," he wrote. "I couldn't believe the devastation."

In addition to posting a shot of himself steering the vessel through the scene, he also shared images of homes and vehicles partially obscured by waist-deep water. (Be sure to click or swipe through to see all the photos in the set.)

Lowe, who just last year welcomed his first child with his "Bachelor" bride Catherine Giudici Lowe, was particularly moved by the storm's oldest and youngest victims.

"My heart broke for all the elderly who are immobile and the mothers trapped in their homes with young babies," he continued. "But I was encouraged by the selflessness of so many Texans who came to help where they could. Definitely a day I'll never forget."

His wife reposted his pic, and added, "I am so proud of my husband and all the other amazing people out there helping those in need in the Houston area."

Fans and followers applauded his efforts, too. In fact, one of them was instrumental in helping him help others.

Before Lowe set out from Dallas, he reached out on social media for help securing a boat.

"Thanks to Twitter, I found a person who is selfless enough to let me use her boat," he wrote just before his trip.

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