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‘Bachelor’s’ Melissa already has a new man

She says she was hurt that Jason didn’t tell her about Molly in advance of the "After the Final Rose" show.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Once the cameras stopped rolling, the relationship between Melissa Rycroft and “Bachelor” Jason Mesnick was very different, Rycroft told Ellen DeGeneres.

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Rycroft revealed it wasn’t long after the show ended that the couple’s relationship changed.

“It was pretty immediate. Once we got back, we both kind of sat in the real world and we were talking about how it was different,” Rycroft told DeGeneres. “When you take the cameras away, it was just at that point when we brought up how difficult it was (and) he kind of gave up. I couldn’t understand why at the time. Now, I do because I think there was someone else involved.”

Of course, Mesnick revealed on the “After the Final Rose” special that there was another woman — runner-up Molly Malaney, who he claimed he still had feelings for.

But Mesnick’s big reveal didn’t come as a surprise to Rycroft.

“What made you think he was seeing Molly?” DeGeneres asked.

“I think, first being a girl you get that feeling. Anybody that’s been cheated on, you know, and being a woman, I got that feeling because he just backed away from me and I knew he had contacted her. I know there had been at least one contact that I knew about where he was ‘checking on her’ and so it was just in the back of my mind,” Rycroft admitted. “I would just casually ask, ‘Are you talking to her? Have you talked to her? Tell me, just be honest of what I’m asking you.’”

In addition, Rycroft confirmed what Mesnick had previously told the Los Angeles Times that he ended the relationship over the phone a week before the taping of the “After the Final Rose” special.

“I knew I wasn’t getting dumped — we had already ended the relationship and that was mutual,” she added. “I repeatedly asked him, ‘Is Molly involved in anything?’ And when they moved up the taping of ‘After the Final Rose,’ I was going, ‘Why did we move the taping up? What’s going on?’”

But it was Mesnick’s refusal to admit to Rycroft he was breaking up because of Malaney that made her so angry on the show.

“I asked Jason, ‘Am I going to be blindsided by anything? Is there anything you want to tell me?’ and he said, ‘No, gosh no.’ And the second I went out on that stage, he goes, ‘P.S. it is Molly,’ and I went, ‘Bastard,’” Rycroft explained.

But Rycroft did have some good news for DeGeneres — she’s found a new man.

“Are you with someone now?” DeGeneres asked.

“Yes,” Rycroft revealed. “Because of the privacy and everything going on, we haven’t really been able to explore a new relationship, but now that everything is over, I’m so excited!”

And as it turns out, Rycroft’s new beau, who she said she’s known for two years and has “been my biggest rock” throughout her “Bachelor” drama, has an ironic connection to Mesnick.

“His name is Ty,” Rycroft noted, the same name as Mesnick’s son who appeared on the show.

And so surprise, don’t expect to see Rycroft and Ty on any double dates with Mesnick and Malaney in the future.

“Jason and Molly don’t quite have the characteristics of someone I would want to be friends with,” Rycroft said. “On a level they both did betray me. I understand it was a break-up and I’m not mad about that. We all get broken up with, but to be lied to?”