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The Bachelor: Michelle Refuses to Be Upstaged by Other Women's Breasts

Brad Womack continues to play with a fire that doesn't even go out when you pour sand on it!
/ Source: E!online

Brad Womack continues to play with a fire that doesn't even go out when you pour sand on it!

Michelle Money, not one to stand idly by (though quick to judge and purse her lips) when Ashley Hebert and Chantal O'Brien took their tops off as part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot group date, did the only thing she could to top the other two.

She straddled Brad and engaged in a steamy makeout session for the camera. And you can imagine how Ashley and Chantal loved that...

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"This is not going how I planned--and I'm to blame for that," Brad admitted. "Michelle got a little aggressive, but I also got caught up in it."

You could almost see the light bulb glowing above the poor guy's head as he got a clue about an hour (or years) too late.

The worst part, however, was not that Michelle crossed an etiquette line and manipulated her way back into the center of everything. She was just being herself!

It's that Chantal and Ashley didn't make Brad pay for being a douche! Sure, he had to bumble through two awkward, apologetic conversations apiece, but the women were mostly whining to him about how he was shutting off and they didn't want to go home. Wah!

This was their time to tell him to be a man!

But perhaps he got the subliminal memo, because not only did Brad do right by his choice of group-rose recipient, he also eschewed the usual cocktail party because he said he had already made up his mind, no two ways about it.

Bye, Michelle!

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