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‘Bachelor’ may get a second chance at love

Is the "Bachelor" now dating his second choice? How can people apply for "On the Lot"? And what happened to "Queer Eye"?
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Q: Is it true that Prince Lorenzo [from "The Bachelor: Rome"] and Jennifer broke up, and he’s with Sadie now? I thought ABC made them sign a contract to have no contact with runners-up.     —Lori

A: They did, in fact, break up. This has been rumored for a while, but was confirmed at the end of January by the production company of “The Bachelor.”

In early December, there were reports that Jennifer was seeing a male teacher colleague in Florida, who said he and Jen were just friends. But Jennifer seemed to have no plans to move to New York to be with her “Bachelor” beau.

However, Sadie, the runner-up, and the woman Lorenzo rejected, did move to New York. The show’s host, Chris Harrison, recently , telling her, “Sadie has definitely moved to New York. And she and Lorenzo have definitely been going to dinner together, and hanging out together in New York.”

And while we’re not sure of the “Bachelor” contract specifications, we believe any restrictions applied only to the time period after the show finished taping but before the finale aired, to try and protect the secret of who was chosen. But ABC seemed to have relaxed even that, probably because the couples almost always break up and blame the fact that they weren’t able to try a normal relationship before     —A.D.

Q: Whatever happened to that filmmaking competition Spielberg was involved with?    —Anonymous

A: You mean "On The Lot," an upcoming reality show from "Survivor" creator Mark Burnett and filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The show drew a lot of attention when it was announced late last year — in part because of the $1 million Dreamworks development deal that is its prize..

This explains how the show will work. Four teams of four contestants will shoot a short film every week. Three judges, not including Spielberg, watch the films, and America votes for the winners. ("American Idol," anyone?) is the show's official site, and has the information on how to upload your film and . Feb. 16 is the deadline, so get those cameras spinning now if you're interested.    —G.F.C.

Q: Has “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” been cancelled?    —MJ

A: Yes. However, Bravo will air the show’s fifth season this summer.

There will be a total of 10 new episodes, and the last will be a tribute to the series and the Fab Five. That will bring the series total to 100 episodes. Among the last episodes will be makeovers for “a warring artsy family,” “a monster truck-loving clutter bug,” and “a divorced dad biker dude,” Bravo revealed.

Despite the cancellation, there is some good news for “Queer Eye” fans: The show is being used as a replacement for the syndicated in some cities, and if that works, a report in TV Week said the show’s older episodes could be syndicated nationwide in the fall.       —A.D.

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