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'Bachelor' Jake gets bashed by Vienna's mom

"Bachelor" Jake Pavelka blames "trust issues" for his split from Vienna Girardi, but now, his almost-mother-in-law is speaking out, revealing what the cameras aren’t showing.
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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s romance has crashed and burned, and “Bachelor” star Pavelka has cited “trust issues” as the reason for ending the engagement. What those trust issues might have been remain to be seen, but in the meantime, some of Pavelka’s enemies are speaking out. Namely, his onetime mother-in-law-to-be, Tina Scott, Girardi’s mom.

“The show is edited to make him look like a good guy and Vienna to look bad because Jake is the star,” Scott told In Touch. “But when he first met us, he treated us like he was better than us.”

The angry mother of the jilted bride-to-be added, “(Vienna) was so upset about what he did to her,” and said Pavelka “just wants to be famous. He has a lot of trouble with his finances.”

Girardi has a broken heart to heal, and perhaps for help, she can look to the coping mechanisms “Bachelor” runner-up Tenley Molzahn is reportedly using.

“Once she saw him with a spray tan and bedazzled shirts on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ she realized he was out for himself and wasn’t interested in a relationship at all,” a friend of Molzahn’s told In Touch. “That made her feel better.”

January Jones and Adrien Brody dating?Adrien Brody last spring denied reports that he and “Mad Men” star January Jones were dating, calling her just “a friend,” but Us Weekly is convinced otherwise.

“Brody loves talking about Jones,” according to a source who spoke to Us. “He says, ‘We’re dating. We’re really happy.’ ”

Neither Brody nor Jones are commenting on whether they’re linked, but Brody does continue to flirt openly with other people. According to Us, Brody “was flirting with girls” at the Omega Constellation launch on June 26 in Los Angeles.

Another bizarre Courtney Love performance Courtney Love’s bizarre public appearances continue, this time at a concert Sunday at Washington's, 9:30 Club. It began when Love and her band, Hole, took the stage an hour after the set time and explained it was because she was hanging out with an unnamed senator friend. (Please, unnamed senator friend, reveal yourself.)

The strangest part of the night, however, came when Love decided to interrogate some of her fans. According to the Washington Post, she singled out one audience member and asked, “Do you really like rock music? Because you're African-American. That would be like me being into Lil Wayne.”

Love went on to talk about everything from the meaning of her late-husband Kurt Cobain’s lyrics to her personal battles with bulimia and anorexia. She played her new song “Pretty Your Whole Life” twice during the set.

“This is a really weird show,” Love said to the audience, according to the Post. “I can't tell if it's really terrible.”

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