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The Bachelor Goes Off-Track: How Did Poor Emily Handle the NASCAR Date?

Brad Womack is now two-for-two as far as Emily Maynard is concerned.
/ Source: E!online

Brad Womack is now two-for-two as far as Emily Maynard is concerned.

Their first individual date included a jaunt on a private jet--her fianc was killed in a plane crash. And on tonight's episode, the group date was to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where a crash ended her fianc's racecar-driving career.

We know this is spontaneous reality-TV and all, but did the powers that be really conspire to have Brad going into this one blind?

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"Today's date has been incredible, talk about an adrenaline rush," Brad gushed at the track. "But I know something's wrong with Emily and that is in the back of my mind right now. She's uncomfortable being here. I need to find out why."

So apparently, when on their last date she opened up to Brad about her late fianc, Ricky Hendrick, she did not mention his occupation.

"I just wanted to move on from the whole NASCAR world because it's so much a part of my life in Charlotte [N.C.]," Emily explained. "He crashed at the Vegas track, so it was, you think you leave it behind and you come here and..." she trailed off. "What are you thinking?"

"I feel like a jerk, is what I'm thinking," Brad replied.

"What?!" she immediately protested. "That is why I did not want to have this conversation...I did not mean for you to feel like that at all!"

"I swear, I usually am pretty fun," she added, making the whole thing even sadder. It's OK, Emily, you're allowed to be upset.

"The very second you feel uncomfortable, we'll all just go," Brad promised, about an hour too late.

But then she opted to take a few laps anyway, her first time not just sitting in the passenger seat of a stock car while Ricky drove, after taking a moment and deciding it was something she had to do.

Brad was impressed with her "tenacity," her insistence that she had to "just do this," and he later gave her the group-date rose for her valiant efforts to put her entire romantic past behind her in 15 minutes.

Which, maybe she did.

"The first few laps were for Ricky and the last one was for me," Emily said. "I really just am ready to move on and find love again."

We're still predicting a final-two finish for Emily. Oh, and we're also psyched that she got the rose despite Michelle's best transparent efforts to distract Womack.

"This rose is about you, it's not about today, it's not about NASCAR, it's not about anything except for the fact that I'm falling for you, so I hope you feel the same way," Brad told Emily, the first time he's used such strong language this season.

Emily said she was in shock. The look on Michelle's face said that she was pretty shocked, too.

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