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‘The Bachelor’ goes to Paris

Whatever happened to "Temptation Island"? Is a "Real World" alum on the soaps?
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With the finale of "The Biggest Loser" still fresh in readers' minds, many folks are intrigued by the NBC weight-loss show and interested in how they can apply.

Here's a Tapes are due Jan. 31, so apply soon.

The other show that we're often asked about is Amy Grant's "Three Wishes." You'll find information about applying to that show at .

We're always adding more questions and answers to our , so feel free to peruse it here. Now, on to your questions this week.

Q: Do you have any information about the next Bachelor being filmed in Paris? Who is the Bachelor?    

A: "The Bachelor" returns to ABC Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. ET. ABC has wisely decided to ditch the "hey! let's find a Bachelor whose name you might have vaguely heard of!" idea (third-string quarterback, tire heir, brother of an actor). The new Bachelor is back to being a well-heeled, handsome no-name, and that's just the way we like it.

The Bachelor (#8!) is Travis Stork, 33, an ER doctor from Colorado, now completing his residency at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. According to , he's a simple type who loves the outdoors, especially mountain and road biking, kayaking, and hiking. (With a name like "Dr. Stork," don't you hope he delivers a lot of babies?) According to a Vanderbilt site, Stork also has two dogs, Geoff and Nala.

"Bachelor" executive producer Mike Fleiss that the show has been looking for a doctor for years, but was never able to cast one before now. In true Fleiss form, he also claims that a casting director spotted Stork on the street and thought he was so good-looking that she chased him down the street to see if he had interest in doing the show.

The show filmed this season in Paris (since that location did so well for the horrible European season of "Joe Millionaire," we guess). Stork's digs will be a 16th-century chateau and there's at least one meal at the Arc de Triomphe (though, according to the Daily News, it's a pretty wet dinner). We haven't heard, but if we had to bet on it, we'd bet that the final rose/possible proposal takes place at ... oh, that big tower they have, rhymes with "Peiffel."    —G.F.C.

Q: Whatever happened to "Temptation Island." I think there was 2 of them, but I haven’t seen one in a long time.    —Dayna

A: Temptation Island actually aired for three seasons on FOX, which tells you a little bit about how successful that third season was.

Season three debuted in late August of 2003, more than a year and a half after the conclusion of the second season. If you missed it, the FOX Reality Channel is of the third season, and has repeated the other two seasons in the past. The network is also showing the UK version, so you can compare the different ways that Americans and British people cheat.

In its time, it was groundbreaking as the first series to use pre-existing couples — and try to break them apart on camera, tempting them with hot model-like bodies. The best part of each episode came when the host made each half of the couple watch footage of the other person doing body shots off one of the “tempters” or making out in the hot tub.

But since the days of “Temptation Island,” reality TV in the US has moved more toward feel-good shows such as “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” FOX has sold the format to other countries, but it doesn’t look like we’ll get another season here.    —A.D.

Q: I believe that there is an MTV “Real World” participant on one of the daily soap operas. I believe the season was during the 9/11 tragedy possible in Chicago? Can you tell me if this is correct, who the gentleman is and what season of the “Real World” he was on?    —R.B.

A: You are correct! Kyle Brandt, who was on "Real World Chicago," plays Philip Kiriakas on "Days of Our Lives." Here's his , and here's his . He's not the only reality show vet to move to the soaps; last week, we answered a question about "American Idol" alum , who's now playing Duke on "One Life to Live."

Just makes me glad that I don't watch "Days," because he was pretty insufferable on his "Real World" season. Although I do give him credit for making up the "Walla Walla kidney stones" song about Tonya that the other roommates sang one day when she wasn't in the car with them.    —G.F.C.

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