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Bachelor Finale: Brad Womack Crushes One, Engages Another

It wasn't just a Womack family reunion for Brad, but for The Bachelor fans, too! (Hello again, Brad's hot twin, Chad!)
/ Source: E!online

It wasn't just a Womack family reunion for Brad, but for The Bachelor fans, too! (Hello again, Brad's hot twin, Chad!)

Remember, we've been through this all before, i.e. the Womack family meeting two women with the assumption that one of them will be Brad's fiance by the end of the week (or, in our case, the end of two hours).

This time, however, the entire peanut gallery got the result they've been waiting for--a proposal.

After the elaborate mating game played out for the cameras over the last few months, did Brad kneel down before Chantal O'Brien or Emily Maynard?

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Emily Womack has a nice ring to it, we suppose.

The pretty blond single mom from North Carolina was the recipient of a rather stunning Neil Lane engagement ring on tonight's Bachelor finale.

"You're so much more to me than a leap of faith. You're the one, Em," Brad told her, finally declaring, "I love you" for all the world to hear. "You're my once in a lifetime."

"I'm just really, really happy," she said, blinking back tears.

Of course, this Kodak moment came after the other one...

"You're an amazing person. Emily's very lucky. It just sucks because I felt so strongly," Chantal said, tears streaming down her face, after she ended up being the first woman out of the limo, and therefore the one getting the heave-ho.

Brad's family was impressed with Chantal's vibrancy and willingness to marry the wayward son on the spot, and initially they were concerned about Emily being a single mom and whether Brad was prepared to be a dad.

Chantal said she felt that Brad was "The Guy" when she first saw (and, er, slapped) him upon their first meeting.

But Emily's story about losing her fianc in a plane crash brought Brad's entire family to its knees, and ultimately it was her vulnerability, her maturity and the "tough road" she'd traveled that had them edging into her court.

"My favorite thing that Emily said to me today was that [Brad] was her angel," said his mom, Pam, choking up with emotion. "I think she's had a very difficult I want this to be very good for her."

"Chantal wouldn't relate to our world because, before you're a mom, you don't get it," said little brother Wes' wife, Prima. Added Chad's wife: "Chantal is the girl we would call and be like, 'We're going out for wine and sushi,' and we'd have a great, fun time."

OK, so some ladies need a third for Mommy and Me.

When they had their final date before the popping of the question, however, Emily grilled Brad (rightfully so, though it's annoying to watch on TV) about whether he was really "in it" with regard to her daughter, Ricki, reminding him for the umpteenth time that it's "not always fun."

"I don't think you're ready," Brad said, very obviously trying not to raise his voice (if such a thing is possible for Mr. Monotone) as he tried to convince Emily that he meant what he said about being committed to raising her kid.

"I really just messed it up big-time," Emily said in retrospect. "Every time something like this happens, my head absolutely sabotages my heart...and I screwed myself."

"I'm completely defeated," Brad added. "This particular date is making me question everything."

But obviously, that didn't matter, as Brad--in tried-and-true Bachelor fashion--picked the woman he struggled the most to win over. (Or they pick the most controversial one, but it was Jake Pavelka's turn to do that last season.)

"There's no question in my mind that Brad is the right person for me," Emily eventually admitted.

We wish them both the best, whether that "best" comes for them as a couple or not.

(Originally published March 14, 2011, at 7:04 p.m. PT)

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