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'Bachelor' contestant Courtney gets Auto-Tuned

Who knew the deadly boring “Bachelor” would spark a brilliant Auto-Tune video? Or that Auto-Tuning would stage a comeback after being so last year?

Up until now, viewers have had to suffer through blinded-by-lust "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik as he bumbled his way through some of the most banal bachelorettes this series has ever known. The only vixen in the mix has been bratty Courtney Robertson. Yes, we love to hate her. That’s her role, and without her we wouldn’t know one single lady from the next.

And now, someone has taken the time to compile several of her annoying aspects into a spectacular video on YouTube. Check out Court as she flaunts “I got a Ro-OSE, I got a Ro-OSE’’ and  reminds us “I’m pretty!” while Ben goes geek-boy gone wild.

Courtney is the ultimate “not here for the right reason” poster girl. She’s obviously got a lot to gain by raising her non-existent profile. In fact, the little flasher is aging out of the modeling profession, so it's time to jump start a reality show career as the next Kardashian. (Or as she and her apparent mentor Charlie Sheen like to say, “Winning!”) So who knows, maybe this little ditty will give her career that extra boost she wants!

But if there's one thing this video proved, it's that if “The Bachelor” producers had just put this much inspiration and innovation into their series, viewers might have had a “winning!” season.

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