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'Bachelor' Colton reveals surprising Fantasy Suite goals — and meets 3 contestants!

They might have to rename it the Wholesome Suite after the 26-year-old's upcoming season.
Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
/ Source: TODAY

Colton Underwood can't wait to make his "Bachelor" debut on season 23 of the love-match competition.

He's already looking forward to meeting his could-be brides, learning about their interests and, like every Bachelor before him, hitting the Fantasy Suites.

But don't get the wrong idea.

As the 26-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres Thursday, he's a virgin and his vision of Fantasy-Suite fun is pretty darn wholesome.

"You can do more in the Fantasy Suites than just have sex," he said.

For instance?

"I mean, we could play board games," he explained. "We could hang out."

And, no, he's not joking.

Underwood, who's already appeared on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise," insisted that he really wants to meet his future wife and the mother of his children on the show, so the salacious stuff holds no appeal to him.

He just wants to "hang out" and get to know the women.

"You know, the little things," he told her. "Finding out the little things about them is some of the most interesting things. 'Cause you guys get to see the big story lines on TV, but I'm looking forward to, 'What's your favorite snack?' 'What kind of dog do you like?' Just like the little everyday things that you guys don't care about."

And Underwood soon found out he wouldn't have to wait for filming to begin before he got to meet a few of the future rose holders.

DeGeneres introduced him to three of the contestants who'll soon be vying for his heart — Sydney, Annie and Katie — and just watch the clip above to see who already seems to be in the lead.

Season 23 of "The Bachelor," with former football player Underwood, will kick off in January.