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Baby weight? Celeb moms scoff at baby weight!

Hollywood's new moms are shaping up faster than ever, but sometimes their motives to get in shape aren't exactly pure.
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The casual observer would never guess that a little more than three weeks ago, Camila Alves was with child. On Jan. 3, Alves and Matthew McConaughey welcomed daughter Vida into the world, and by the time Mom stepped back into the spotlight, her pre-baby body was there, too.

If it you think Alves, Kourtney Kardashian, Heidi Klum and others are putting their baby bumps in the past at record speeds, you’re right. Hollywood's new moms are shaping up again faster than usual.

But the motive to get back in shape isn’t entirely pure, according to Us Weekly senior editor Lindsay Powers. “Camila did get back into shape really fast ... but she’s also got (to promote) her Bravo show ‘Shear Genius,’ so she has motivation to debut her baby body,” Powers said. “We’re at a point where celebrities use their personal lives to promote their professional lives.”

Giselle Bundchen is another example. The supermodel recently bragged about never having to wear maternity clothes when she was pregnant with her son Benjamin (dad is New England Patriot Tom Brady), and she posed for Brazilian clothing line Colcci just six weeks after giving birth.

“These women feel the extra amount of pressure to look camera-ready,” said Powers. “They don’t want to be caught running to the deli in their maternity sweats.”

The idea that one can use their personal lives to promote their professional lives isn’t limited to pregnancy, however. Powers brings up the recent engagement between Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

“Us broke the news during the Grammys,” said Powers, “But in reality, they got engaged over the holidays. It’s no coincidence they waited until she had a movie ("When in Rome") — that’s struggling — to promote to announce it.”

Jackson’s sister to take stage in tribute Paris and Prince Jackson paid tribute to their father Michael during Sunday’s Grammy Awards, and plans are in place for one of Michael’s sisters to do the same during a concert this spring.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

But it’s not the sister who might first come to mind: it’s Rebbie Jackson, the eldest of the clan, who will be performing at an April 24 concert at the Mellow Theater in Scranton, Penn. An organizer of the concert, put on by TJP Events, says Jackson will perform alongside Damon Harris of The Temptations. Harris has a history with Michael Jackson — he sang “Get Ready” with the Jackson 5 at a Chicago event for Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH in 1972.

For the April show, Rebbie Jackson and Harris are planning on singing a duet of “Never Can Say Goodbye,” and a “surprise special guest” (most likely, one of Michael’s brothers) will accompany Jackson to sing a Jackson 5 medley.

Why is Rebbie doing the concert? “She’s taking the lead (in the family),” said the organizer. “She’s the one who has not profited from Michael's death. She is also the one (Jackson matriarch) Katherine has picked as the unofficial guardian for Michael's kids. She’ll be great.”

‘Lost’ fans, book your Oceanic flightIf you really want to prove your devotion to “Lost,” then book yourself a seat on Oceanic Flight 815.

Seriously: search travel site for a flight between Sydney and Los Angeles, and you’ll find the doomed Oceanic flights among your options. There’s another option — also on Kayak, Ajira Airways has a LAX to Guam flight available on Jan. 21, 2011.

And fans: see something familiar on these flights? The price is $4,815.16, and taxes are $23.42.

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