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Baby-name experts like Seraphina Affleck

/ Source: The Associated Press

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck apparently looked to the heavens for inspiration for their new daughter’s first name (Seraphina) and back down to earth — in the garden, specifically — for part of her middle name (Rose Elizabeth). The couple also went to the garden for 3-year-old daughter Violet Anne’s first name.

The Associated Press consulted its panel of baby-name gurus to weigh in on the angelic-sounding moniker.

Expert: Jennifer Moss, author of “The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book” and founder of

Speciality: Practicality, looking for influences such as family history and life experiences.

Impressions: “Seraphina is a beautiful name — based on the Seraphim, the highest order of angels. I’m not a fan of the double-middle name, but it’s nice they continued the ‘flower’ theme by including the name Rose. The only thing that may be a little cumbersome is saying her first and last name together. In the introduction test, the parents should say just the first and last name aloud: ‘Hello, my name is Seraphina Affleck.”’

Grade: A-

Expert: Whitney Walker, co-author with Eric Reyes of “The Perfect Baby Name” and consultant.

Specialty: Phonetics and rhythm — how names sound and flow together.

Impressions: “When names match phonetically, they are more memorable and pleasing to the ear, and this name matches very nicely: The S in Seraphina is similar to the Z sounds in Rose and Elizabeth, tying them all together, plus the F sound in Seraphina matches the F in Affleck. Ben and Jen did the same thing with Violet, since the V sound is similar to the F sound, which also makes Violet and Seraphina sound good together.”

Grade: B

Expert: Maryanna Korwitts, author of “Name Power 101” and founder.

Specialty: Holistic approach, from sounds and meanings to the impact of names on personality traits.

Impressions: “To be sure that the press or outsiders do not determine this little one’s nickname, Ben and Jennifer should make clear their choice. Sera is certainly the most natural derivation. This variation on the name could work well and will influence this child to be involved in the arts or acting when she grows up.”

Grade: B

Composite panel grade: B

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