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Baby makes Britney Spears blue?

Pop star is reportedly smiling through her tears and Kev may not be helping
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Is Britney Spears singing the postpartum blues?

The buzz is that Spears has been moody since giving birth to her son. “Brit’s mood has been up and down since she came home,” a Spears family friend told Life & Style Weekly. “She’s been crying through the smiles,” adds the friend. Spears’ rep insists that she is doing fine.

Spears is reportedly worried about getting back her once-svelte figure, and is concerned that her caesarean scar won’t heal completely. There’s also a report that hubby Kevin Federline almost forgot the couple’s September 18 anniversary — but made it up to her by buying a sapphire “mother’s ring.”

Separately, a source says that Spears wants to have a Kabbalah blessing for the child, and that the Rav — the head of the L.A. based Kabbalah Centre — may perform a “bris-like” ceremony, though it’s “unclear exactly how far they can go on such a thing,” says the source, “because even though she studies Kabbalah, she’s technically not Jewish.”

A spokesman for the Kabbalah Centre told the Scoop: “The Kabbalah Centre does not like to discuss the private lives of its students.”

Did ‘Livvy’ dump her missing man?Looks like Olivia Newton John may have dumped her sweetie before he went missing.

Patrick McDermott, who had dated the Aussie singer for nine years, made headlines this summer when he disappeared during or after a fishing trip. Now, John’s nephew is claiming that the two split up several months ago because of his drinking. “Livvy saw it was not progressing. She knew he was drinking, she probably didn't want to deal with it,” Emerson Newton John told an Australian newspaper. He said McDermott was depressed for several months before he disappeared and was probably fell off the boat drunk, rather than killed himself or faked his death. “It doesn't take much to fall off a boat and drown,” Emerson said.

The operators of the boat said that no one is allowed to bring liquor on board and McDermott’s bill indicated that he didn’t order any.

When contacted by the Sydney Daily Telegraph Emerson — who apparently was paid for his revelation, refused to elaborate any further unless paid more — said, “I'm definitely not saying anything for free.”

Notes from all overKatie Holmes keeps trying to phone her ex sweetie, Chris Klein, but he’s so annoyed by the calls that he’s changed his number, according to US Weekly. ...Nicole Kidman, who re-established her acting chops eight years ago when she appeared on stage with Iain Glen in “The Blue Room,” is considering returning to the West End. The actress is said to be in talks to play the title role in Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler.” ...Moby has stepped up his attacks on George W. Bush. The techno musician, who made unflattering remarks about the U.S. president while on concert in Venezuela, was asked by reporters in Brazil to elaborate. “George Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States. He was a wealthy child, not very bright, and had everything handed to him. When he invaded Iraq he thought it would be as easy as ordering a pizza at Domino's,” he said. “As an American I feel like I have to apologize to all Latin American countries that I visit for the exploitation of American foreign politics.”

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