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Ayo Edebiri sends sweet message to Carson Daly for holding her bag at the Emmys: 'Bonded for life'

"The Bear" star also thanked Carson for the "amazing" selfie he left on her phone of him and his wife, Siri, at the ceremony.

Ayo Edebiri and Carson Daly had never met before this year's Emmy Awards, but she said they're now "bonded for life" in a sweet message after he took care of her belongings and left a selfie on her phone as a souvenir when she went onstage to accept an award.

"The Bear" star reached out to Carson on Thursday and attached the selfie Carson took with his wife, Siri, at the Jan. 15 awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Carson shared the photo and Edebiri's response on TODAY on Jan. 19.

Carson Daly, Ayo Edebiri
"The Bear" star Ayo Edebiri sent Carson Daly the selfie he took of him and his wife, Siri, after Edebiri won her Emmy and handed Carson her belongings to hold.Courtesy Carson Daly, Getty Images

"Carson!! (And Siri!) My voice is gone right now or I’d make a video but thank you so much for guarding my stuff with your life but more importantly for this AMAZING selfie," Edebiri wrote. "You’re the greatest and I feel like we’re bonded for life? OKAY THANK YOU FOREVER."

"Thank you for that, Ayo," Carson said on TODAY. "Congratulations again."

Carson joked on TODAY Wednesday that he "may have left a little Easter egg" on Adebiri's phone while she was busy backstage after winning her Emmy for best supporting actress.

Carson and Siri were sitting next to Edebiri and "The Bear" cast when she was announced as the winner.

She hurriedly handed Carson her purse, camera and phone before heading to the Peacock Theater stage. Carson was seen saying, "I got you" to Edebiri as she handed over her stuff.

Ireland's new honorary daughter was backstage for so long after accepting the award that Carson was still holding on to her belongings when Edebiri's co-star Jeremy Allen White went onstage to accept his award for lead actor in a comedy series.

"Carson Daly, I hope still has all my stuff," she told Entertainment Tonight backstage. "And if my stuff is gone when I get back to my seat, I know that Carson Daly took it."

All he ended up taking was a selfie on her phone.

"When you win an Emmy, what you don’t know is you get whisked away to the back for quite some time," Carson said on TODAY on Jan. 18. "So I held her purse, her iPhone and a small little actual camera for about an hour."

Carson had no idea the moment blew up on social media until after the ceremony.

"When I was at LAX flying home, I was with my kids and my wife and a woman came up and said, 'Will you hold my purse?'" Carson said on TODAY. "I was like, 'What are you talking about? Oh, the Emmys.'

"Then this morning here (at TODAY), it was like 'Can you hold my stuff? Can you hold my stuff?' If you see me on the street, please don't hand me your belongings."