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'You don’t bounce back': Stars joke about losing in hilarious 'No Emmy Support Group' sketch

This group is making losing very funny!
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Winning an Emmy Award is the pinnacle for any actor lucky enough to make a career on the small screen, but what about those who never achieve that glory?

That was the basis for an amusing sketch at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, in which several well-known stars, including Scott Bakula, Jason Alexander, Zooey Deschanel and Alyson Hannigan attend a “No Emmy Support Group,” led by show host Cedric the Entertainer.

“I’ve been making television since 1977,” lamented Bakula, while the others failed to hide their surprise. “I still haven’t won an Emmy.”

Cedric the Entertainer tried to console him by saying he’s been nominated five time and has five mansions.

“I would trade one of the smaller houses for an Emmy,” he fired back. 

Hannigan then started crying in a bid to show her range.

“I’ve never even been nominated. Like, not even on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and I was the mother — I think,” she said.

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Cedric the Entertainer reminded her she has been nominated for a TV Guide Award in 2001 for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“Oh, well, that’s validating,” she responded.

“Alyson, you should get down on your knees and thank the universe that you’ve never been nominated,” Alexander chimed in before running down his eight nominations, including seven years in a row for “Seinfeld.”

When Alexander and Bakula got into a tiff over how long they’ve been on TV, with Alexander saying he’s “been doing this since I was a kid,” Fred Savage jumped into the fray.

“Did you start early, Jason? Did you start young?” the former “Wonder Years” star said while sitting in a director’s chair. “Because I had two nominations by the time I was 14. Zero wins. You don’t bounce back. That’s why I’m reduced to directing this sketch.”

Deschanel then explained her generation isn’t focused on awards.

“We’re all deserving of love and respect,” she said.

“But also, where’s my f------ Emmy?” she added, much to the delight of the others in attendance.

As the meeting spiraled out of control, Dr. Phil came in to offer some advice.

“If you want an Emmy, get yourself booked on ‘Ted Lasso’ or ‘The Crown,’” he said, referring to the Emmy wins stars on that show had picked up earlier in the broadcast. “That what you got to do.”

“I don’t really know how you feel because I do have two Emmys,” he boasted.

“Daytime Emmys,” shot back Alexander. “They’re spelled with one ‘m.’”