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Ben Affleck reacts like Matthew Macfadyen’s ‘proud mom’ during Golden Globes, fans say

He's definitely a "Succession" fan.

It's "Succession's" last awards show season, and it seems Ben Affleck, for one, will be cheering on each and every one of their wins.

After Matthew Macfadyen finished his speech for best performance by a male actor in a supporting role on television at the Golden Globes, the camera panned to Affleck.

Affleck, sitting next to his wife Jennifer Lopez, raised his arm and appeared to shout, "Yes!"

His enthusiasm wasn't lost on audiences, who quickly reacted to his apparent joy.

"Ben Affleck looking like Matthew Macfadyen’s proud mom wasn’t something I was expecting to see tonight, but I loved it," an X user wrote.

"ben affleck audibly cheering for matthew macfadyen is a moment just for me!!!" another wrote.

“Not Ben Affleck having a little moment of happiness in his life and it’s bc Matthew MacFadyen won,” someone wrote, drawing a seeming contrast between his expressions at other awards shows (see: the Grammys).

"The enthusiastic “YEESSS!!!” and head nod from Ben Affleck for Matthew Macfadyen is the kind of brosmanship I like to see," wrote another commenter on X.

Affleck brought the bromance earlier when he surprised his longtime friend and creative partner Matt Damon at his seat.

From this night forward "Succession" fans, now you know you have something in common with J. Lo and Ben: They watched “Succession,” too.

"Succession" is up for nine Golden Globes nominations. Co-stars Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox will all go head-to-head in the best performance by a male actor in a television series (drama).