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Who will win Academy Awards in 2023, according to 7 astrologers

A few strong winners emerged.

As an astrologer, I use tools like birth charts and tarot cards as means for self-improvement. Once in a while, though, it's fun to try and predict the outcome of events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars using astrology.

So, what do the stars say about the 2023 Oscars, and can they predict who among the nominees will take home big awards like best picture, best actress and best actor?

I called upon my colleagues working across tarot and astrology to take a look at what March 12, 2023 has in store.

Is it possible to predict the outcome of events using astrology? Here’s our methodology

Predictions are a subjective science. When it comes to making predictions, all spiritual practitioners will use available tools differently, and have different interpretations.

Take this story as an example. I spoke to astrologer Lauren Ash, astrologer Kyle Thomas, tarot reader Sarah Potter, astrologer and intuitive Renee Watt, tarot reader and astrologer Susana Pacheco, tarot reader Amber Snider and tarot reader Shawn Engel.

Their readings demonstrate all the different ways someone can use the tools available to make predictions.

Our methods include:

  • Reading the natal birth charts, or snapshots of the placement the planets at the time of a person's birth, of nominated actors to discern what March 12 might hold for them.
  • Reading the charts of the movies themselves, based on important dates.
  • Pulling tarot cards for the night of the Oscars and interpreting the outcomes.
  • Construct a horary chart, which is a chart meant to answer a single question.

7 astrologers and tarot readers' predictions, and how they got there

Astrologer Lauren Ash took a look at the natal birth charts and the astrology of the Academy Awards to choose her picks. 

  • Best actress: “Michelle Yeoh is looking like she might have the edge. Her Jupiter in Pisces will be getting a lot of love from the stars on Oscars night, connecting with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces. This could be the sign that her years of hard work in Hollywood is finally paying off with an Oscar.” 
  • Best actor: “Austin Butler might just pull off the win for his portrayal of Elvis on Oscars night. Not only will transiting Venus be positively aspecting his sun and Jupiter–Mercury will trine his Pluto. These transits are bringing an element of luck and positive attention to Austin’s ego. This could be the sign that the academy will reward Austin Butler for his troubling, authentic, and raw portrayal of Elvis.”
  • Best picture: “'Everything Everywhere All at Once' has come out as an underdog darling of awards season. And with the Moon trine Neptune, it could be a night where innovation and eccentricity are rewarded over your traditional awards show film.” 

Astrologer Kyle Thomas looked at the astrology of the movies' production and release dates to gather his data before making his top predictions.

  • Best actress: “Michelle Yeoh has Jupiter, the planet of miracles, linking to her sun at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yeoh walks away the winner of best actress. After deeply analyzing Michelle Williams’s birth chart, she has so much in her favor: the sun is trine her natal Uranus, denoting positive change is guaranteed with some likely surprises in store … she is likely to be the shock win despite the more well intentioned win going to Yeoh.
  • Best actor: “I actually think the winner of best actor will be Brendan Fraser. The reason I say this is that on this exact day the sun will sextile his Midheaven — which is an immensely rare and gorgeous period when he is thrust in the spotlight and can dance ever higher. Not only this, but his Jupiter will trine his sun, too. However, I will admit that the sun is transiting opposite his natal Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation. On one hand, this is a crisis moment for him, but also a transformation."
  • Best picture: “My pick is 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' because the transiting sun will conjunct the movie's natal sun and Jupiter, denoting a great spotlight and tremendous luck."

Tarot reader Sarah Potter pulled a variety of cards from her tarot deck 'The Cosmo Tarot: The Ultimate Deck and Guidebook' to find her Oscar forecast.

  • Best actress: “I believe Michelle Yeoh will take this one as I pulled the Star card, a card I always pull for my celebrity clients right before they win an award or experience a major professional milestone that brings their career to the next level.”
  • Best actor: “Ultimately, the cards are showing me that Brendan Fraser will take the Oscar for his role in 'The Whale.' I pulled the Sun card followed by the King of Pentacles and the King of Swords. This is his moment in the sun, he is shining brightly and experiencing an abundance of success because of his skillful portrayal.”
  • Best Picture: “For best movie, I predict 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' will win in this category. Going through all of the nominees, I pulled the strongest cards with a resounding yes for this one via the Queen of Wands, a card that shows me that this film is getting a lot of attention and it is well deserved.”

Tarot reader, astrologer, and psychic Renee Watt looked to her cards for answers, but found that this award program will be an extremely close call for some of her favorite champions. 

  • Best actress: “When it comes to best actress, my tarot cards point to Michelle Yeoh as the big winner. The Queen of Coins signifies that her performance will bring forth rewards.
  • Best actor: “Brendan Fraser and Bill Nighy are the favored winners. Fraser’s ability to transform himself while performing in 'The Whale' may bring him a shiny new trophy, and the Magician tarot card suggests divine support in conjunction with his natural talents can help him bag the role of best actor.
  • Best picture: “My tarot cards narrowed down best picture to three potential winners: 'The Banshees of Inisherin' certainly has luck on its side as the Star card suggests. This project will have been the result of a divine path for its producers and cast, which could lead it to the top of best picture. Meanwhile, 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' shows strong promise with the manifestation of the Judgement card, showing that this picture might just win fair and square. Lastly, 'The Fablemans' is backed by tarot’s Justice card, suggesting that the hard work, dedication, and heart put into this project could result in a shiny new trophy for its creators."

Tarot reader and astrologer Susana Pacheco pulled tarot cards to describe the energy of the possible winners. 

  • Best actress: “Michelle Yeoh. The tarot cards I pulled are centered on money-related topics (The Hierophant) and other fantastical universes (10 of Cups). The Sun card matches the actress' sun sign (Leo).
  • Best actor: “Brendan Fraser ('The Whale'). The plot is about Charlie, an English teacher (King of Swords), ashamed of being obese and in financial debt (5 of Pentacles). The Hierophant also appears as the movie touches the religious matter, specifically religious guilt."
  • Best picture: “I asked my Tarot cards which of the Oscar-nominated movies would win the statue and the answer was 'The Fabelmans' by Steven Spielberg. The cards: Temperance: a Sagittarius and Spielberg zodiac sun sign energy. Page of Cups represents Sammy, the protagonist, and creative energy. Four of Wands, representing the happy and celebratory moment of all coming together in the end.”

Journalist, tarot card reader, and editor-in-chief of New York’s famed esoteric store “Enchantments” Amber Snider used her tarot cards to find the victors.

  • Best Actress: “This was a tough one, since the initial cards set the competition between Ana de Armas, Andrea Riseborough and Michelle Williams. But after pulling a few subsequent cards for each actress, more was revealed: The Chariot card for Ana de Armas signifies to me that she’s on track to win the award, representing victory, drive, and focus.”
  • Best Actor: “With all the makings of a big star, along with fame and wealth, it’s no surprise that the Ace of Pentacles was pulled for Austin Butler. The door is open, with a dreamy scene awaiting, all he has to do is walk through it. He’s in the midst of a very fruitful period, and with the subsequent Page of Pentacles and Ace of Wands following, Austin’s youthful ambition, coupled with his creative flair, may be just enough to take home the award.”
  • Best Picture: “I wasn’t surprised to see the King of Cups, connected to the element of water and emotions, coming through for James Cameron’s and Jon Landau’s 'Avatar: The Way of Water.' They know how to pull at the heartstrings of audiences, and with the Temperance card following, they know how to balance it out on screen.”

Tarot reader and astrologer Shawn Engel used tarot cards to describe the energy and theme of the winner’s work. From there, he derived a prediction.

  • Best actress: "The symbolism for best actress is a little on the nose. I pulled the Magician, the Ace of Wands, and the Devil reversed. Could this mean that Cate Blanchett will win for her work as an abusive conductor in ‘Tár?’ That’s my vote!"
  • Best actor: "Best actor appeared as the Hanged Man reversed, the Knight of Swords, and the Lovers. This points to Bill Nighy winning for 'Living,' a story about a man who receives a medical diagnosis and decides to impulsively shake things up with a new romance."
  • Best picture: "For best picture, I pulled the Hermit, the Knight of Pentacles reversed, and the Six of Cups. This leads me to believe that 'All Quiet on the Western Front' will win, but it will leave audiences wondering if we will truly get to diversity within the Academy's picks. This is a very classic story with a predominantly white cast, and it’s sure to cause some controversy."

Who will win the 2023 Oscars, according to astrology? Here are our picks

Strong winners emerged from among the predictions.

Michelle Yeoh is slated to win for best actress, with five of the votes astrologers and tarot readers pulling for her. Brandon Fraser earned the votes of four of the seven practitioners, as did "Everything Everywhere All at Once" for best picture.