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Autumn leaves (of absence) on ‘Grey’s’

Michael Ausiello on the upcoming leaves for Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl, plus the latest scoop on ''Smallville,'' ''Glee,'' more

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Question: There’s speculation that Izzie cheats on Alex on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Is it true? —Molly

Ausiello: No, but the newlyweds will be dealt a major blow at the end of next week’s episode (the best of the season, IMHO). In fact, the crisis is so big that Izzie disappears for roughly five non-consecutive episodes. BTW, even though I knew Katherine Heigl’s mini-hiatus was coming, Izzie’s exit was no less powerful or emotional. And man, Heigl knocks it out of the park. She can be a real handful (see: Emmygate, 17-hour workdaygate, etc) but girlfriend delivers when it’s called for.

Question: When will Ellen Pompeo’s maternity leave from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kick in on screen? —Zaiver

Ausiello: Unlike Izzie, Meredith isn’t going anywhere — although we’ll begin to see less of her (literally and figuratively) after this week’s episode. And her diminished screen time will make perfect sense given what happens Thursday night.

Question: Anything good on Grey’s — specifically Callie and Arizona? —Chandler

Ausiello: The aforementioned Oct. 15 episode is a big one for these two, but mostly for Callie. Hector Elizondo is back as her gay-fearing dad and this time he’s brought backup!

Question: If you ignore my request for some good ‘Smallville’ scoop, I will have lost all faith in this world. It’s shaping up to be its best season yet, and you have barely covered it at all! —Jordan

Ausiello: Oliver will meet the bad guy version of the Green Arrow (a.k.a. the Dark Archer) in episode 10. Now stop your whining.

Question: Is there any chance of something happening between Pete and Addison this season of ‘Private Practice?’ —Katie

Ausiello: Yes, but it’s about a .0001 percent chance. I think the show is fully vested in Pete-Violet from here on out. But don’t feel too badly for Addie. She won’t be alone for much longer.

Question: Please tell me that Tom Welling and Erica Durance are not the subject of your . —Adam

Ausiello: Tom Welling and Erica Durance are not the subject of my “Love and War” blind item.

Question: When will Elena find out Stefan is a vampire on ‘The Vampire Diaries?’ —Mike

Ausiello: No comment. In other news, trust me when I say you do not want to miss Thursday night’s episode.

Question: I am loving ‘The Vampire Diaries!’ Can we please have a spoiler? —Kelsey

Ausiello: Next week’s episode is even better than this week’s, according to the show’s unbiased boss, Kevin Williamson. “We’ll meet Katherine and learn the backstory,” he reveals. “We get to see what Damon and Stefan’s relationship was like in the 1800s and where it all went wrong. We see how the triangle got created, and how they became vampires. It’s a big episode.”

Question: I am so sick of all the ‘House’ scoop. Can you please give us something on ‘FlashForward?’ —Cam

Ausiello: “Battlestar Galactica” crossover alert! BSG director Michael Nankin has been recruited to helm two upcoming (and consecutive) episodes!

Question: Wasn’t Dominic Monaghan supposed to appear in the second ‘FlashForward’ episode? What’s the deal exactly? —Frenchy

Ausiello: The exact deal is that he’ll turn up briefly next week.

Question: Are you traveling to Austin in the next few weeks? If so, you should let us know! —Neka

Ausiello: As a matter of fact, I’m coming to town next week to visit a friend. Maybe you’ve heard of her. Acts a little. Pretty good, come to think of it. Name’s Connie Britton. Oh, you do know her? She’ll like that. Anyhow, since I’ve never been to this particular Aus’ hole, she’s going to be acting as my tour guide/bodyguard. Maybe she’ll even tag along when (and if) I visit one local Aushole at home. But whose place should it be? Any ideas?

Question: I am dying for some ‘Veronica Mars’ movie news. I can’t let it go —Haimee

Ausiello: Neither can Kristen Bell. We caught up with her Monday night at the premiere of “Couples Retreat” and she told us that despite Warner Bros’ reluctance to give the project a green light, “I have not lost faith. And the fact that people keep talking about it and making it a trending topic on Twitter helps keep the dream alive… I know Rob [Thomas] has ideas and I would love to get the chance to be ‘Veronica Mars’ again. I am keeping my fingers crossed and am pushing as much as I can to get it done.”

Question: What can you tell us about the possible relationship between Puck and Quinn on ‘Glee ’now that he’s been confirmed as her baby daddy? —Caroline

Ausiello: I can tell you that those waters will be tested in episode 11.

Question: ‘Glee’ is kinda like potato chips. You can’t stop with one chip. Or one spoiler. Can I have another? —Bree

Ausiello: What kind of chips are we talking about? If it’s Lay’s baked barbecue, count me in. On the “Glee” front, Puck and Rachel will soon discover that they have something in common — other than wanting to see Quinn and Finn broken up.

Question: ‘Greek’ info please!!! —Hannah

Ausiello: Why do you people insist on screaming your questions. I’m not deaf. If you promise to simmer yourself I’ll tell you that “Greek” is introducing its own version of McDreamy, only this one’s a lawyer not a doctor. His name’s Joel and he’s described as super-cute and in his 30s. He worked for years with Rebecca’s dad on the Hill and he’s now a local campaign manager for a congressman.

Question: Got any ‘Heroes’ spoilers for me? —Val

Ausiello: In this Monday’s episode, Peter starts to hear (and see) sweet music when he falls for Deanne Bray’s super-synesthetic deaf girl. They even play a cute duet on piano. Sadly, Peter’s romantic pursuits are cut short when an old friend in desperate need of his nursing skills visits him.

Question: Any CSI: Miami’ scoop? —Kim

Ausiello: “NYPD Blue’s” Henry Simmons guest stars this November as a husband and father whose wife and two children are in a serious car crash.

Question: The ‘Ugly Betty’ premiere was pushed back a week (Oct. 16). I can’t take all of this waiting! Would you be kind enough to tide me and the rest of the frustrated fans over with some scoop? —Lucy

Ausiello: If I didn’t know better I’d say Daniel was getting a new love interest named Denise since producers are casting the role of a late 30s early 40s female who is funny, aggressive, Pilates-bodied, and power-suited. Oh, and her name? Denise! (See how I brought the answer full circle?)

Question: I love ‘Drop Dead Diva’ and was wondering if Fred is gone permanently this time. —Nicole

Ausiello: A DDD source assures me that not only is Jane’s wayward angel returning for season 2, but we’ll see him a lot more regularly.

Question: Anything else you can tell us about episode 10 of ‘House?’ —Andrea

Ausiello: It airs Dec. 7 and, based on what I’m hearing, Robert Sean Leonard may want to start writing his Emmy acceptance speech now.

Question: On ‘House,’ what’s going on with Taub and Thirteen? Are they off the show? —Rich

Ausiello: My House mole reports that both Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson’s trailers have not been emptied out, so I’m going to go with no.

Question: Does Chase’s killing of this week’s dictator have anything to do with Cameron leaving ‘House?’ —Stephanie

Ausiello: Most definitely.

Question: What can you tell me about JJ Abrams’ new NBC spy series? —Keith

Ausiello: I can tell you that despite reports to the contrary, it is not a drama. “The truth is, it’s more of a comedy with drama and action than a straight drama,” says Abrams of the project, which revolves around a married couple who moonlight as secret agents. “It’s certainly sweeter and more fun in tone than Alias was.”

Question: I’m confused about something on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Last season, it was revealed that Ted’s future wife was a student of his at the university. But in the season premiere, we found out that Ted was teaching in the wrong classroom. Is the Mother in the old/wrong classroom or the new/correct one? —Mandy

Ausiello: The old one. “She’s not in the class he teaches week-to-week,” confirms exec producer Craig Thomas, “but she’s super close by.”

Question: So, inquiring minds want to know: Is on ‘HIMYM?’ —Jeremy

Ausiello: Look for exclusive details about Bilson’s character in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale Friday). In the meantime, Craig Thomas — who once again promises that episode 100 will feature “some pretty exciting stuff on the mother front” — says he and fellow exec producer Carter Bays are “big fans” of the former O.C. star. “She’s charming and great and we’re [excited] for her to come into such a big episode.”

Question: There’s a spoiler going around that Barney and Robin are over in episode 8 of ‘HIMYM.’ It’s not the end already, is it? We’ve waited so long for this — it can’t be over already. – Vanessa

Ausiello: I’m going to toss this one to Craig Thomas: “I don’t want to comment too much on if or when they break up, but I will say that we’re having a lot of fun with them as a charmingly dysfunctional couple in the first half of the season.”

Question: ‘Fringe’ is getting better and better! Any scoop? —Danai

Ausiello: With Olivia and Company closing in, and his shape-shifting body starting to break down, Charlie-from-another-universe gets desperate next week. Meanwhile, Olivia’s piecemeal flashbacks are start to ring a, ahem, Bell. And here’s something for Peter-Olivia ’shippers: There’s a cute scene where they discuss sci-fi movies — specifically (and appropriately) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Question: Are you going to narrow down the list of ‘ possibilities? —Sharon

Ausiello: Yes, but not here. It wouldn’t be appropriate. I’ll do so in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.

Question: I know you won’t tell us who is going to partake in the threesome on ‘Gossip Girl,’ so I won’t even bother asking. I just want to know if it’s a dream or if it’s real. —Fernanda

Ausiello: Oh, it’s real.

Question: I would love some (good) news about Chuck and Blair from ‘Gossip Girl!’ —Lisa

Ausiello: It doesn’t get much better than this: They’re still together and (relatively) happy through at least episode 11.

Question: I read somewhere that ‘Saving Grace’ was canceled. I hope it’s not true because I love that show. —Tammy

Ausiello: Sorry, but it’s true. The final episodes air next summer. According to Holly Hunter, it makes sense for the show to bow out now. “Grace has lived this incredibly intense and explosive existence that, for me, was never meant to go on and on,” she says. “The series is going to end in a very exciting, provocative way.”

Question: Word on the street is that Julie Bowen might be returning to ‘Lost.’ Can you confirm? Deny? Cryptic statement of ambiguity? —Lelia

Ausiello: Bowen tackles that exact question in the latest episode of Ausiello TV.

Question: Please tell me your ‘ does not pertain to Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester? That would totally ruin ‘Gossip Girl’ for me! —Whitney

Ausiello: It’s not them either. OK, this marks the end of the Love and War eliminations. You’re on your own now!

Question: I have a mad crush on Gabriel Bryne. When is ‘In Treatment’ coming back? —Tara

Ausiello: Negotiations to bring the show back for a third season are taking place as we speak.

Question: Got any more ‘Supernatural’ scoop for ? —Ivan

Ausiello: Ever wonder what would happen if Sam and Dean got trapped inside an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy?” You’ll find out in episode 8! (Move over McSteamy, make way for McSexy!)

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