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Aubrey Plaza wishes her 'Happiest Season' character ended up with Kristen Stewart's

The actor agrees with this declaration from fans of the Hulu film.
Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewart in Hulu's "Happiest Season."
Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewart in Hulu's "Happiest Season."Hulu
/ Source: TODAY

Fans of Hulu's new holiday movie "Happiest Season" are bummed that Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewart's characters didn't end up together, and it turns out that Plaza feels the same way.

The film follows Stewart's character, Abby, who gets invited to spend the holiday with girlfriend Harper's family. The only problem? Harper, played by Mackenzie Davis, hasn't yet come out to her family.

During her visit, Abby meets Harper's first girlfriend, a doctor named Riley, played by Plaza, and they have some impressive chemistry while interacting. Many fans of the film are convinced that the two should have ended up together.

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Lots of social media users have taken to Twitter in recent days to say how pleasantly surprised they were by Plaza and Stewart's chemistry.

Some fans of the film were quick to comment on the way their characters looked at each other in one particular scene.

And most fans seemed to agree that the film's writers should have explored a relationship between Abby and Riley.

During an appearance on the 3rd hour of TODAY Friday morning, Plaza, 36, said she was rooting for the two to end up together, too, and was surprised so many fans felt the same way.

"Honestly, I can't help it that I'm a lesbian meme," the actor told TODAY's Sheinelle Jones. "I was very surprised at the reaction. I think, you know, Kristen and I just had some undeniable chemistry, and it just seeped onto screen.

"And I think people just were rooting for us. I'm not ashamed to say I was as well, but, you know, it's not my movie."

Plaza appears in a scene in the film.
Plaza appears in a scene in the film.Hulu

When TODAY's Al Roker asked Plaza if she'd be up for exploring a relationship with Stewart's character in a potential sequel, the actor said: "Yeah, of course, yes. I'm available!"

"I think the character of Riley has a lot more to show and a lot more to give. And I've always wanted to play a doctor so I could wear those doctor uniforms, and I just think that would be really fun, too. So I'd love to be a doctor, you know, finding romance," she said.

In the meantime, Plaza is keeping busy and also spoke to the 3rd hour of TODAY co-hosts about her new thriller, “Black Bear.” The actor will soon star in the action film with Jason Statham.

"I know that I'm gonna be kicking some butt (in the movie)," she said. "I'm waiting for that moment."