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Atlanta just says no to ‘The Kiss’

Plus: Justin pens his life story, Lui irks the media. By Jeannette Walls
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Sometimes, a kiss is not just a kiss, and there was one pucker that some Atlanta area residents didn’t want to see: the infamous one between Britney Spears and Madonna.

An Atlanta radio station erected a billboard featuring the Sapphic smooch — and took it down in less than a week because people bombarded the station, 96-Rock, with complaints. Of course, the text on the billboard may have been part of the problem: “Their music stinks,” read the sign, “but we’d do ‘em.”

“The billboard was pushing the edge, but I didn’t think it was offensive,” station spokesman Scott Baker told the Scoop, “but we got calls from area residents who passed by the board who were expressing their discontent that they were having to have uncomfortable conversations with their children and just felt it was morally offensive.” There were more complaints about the same-sex kiss than the tag line, but Baker says the sign also had its supporters, explaining “We did get some calls that were like ‘right on, I think it’s hilarious and you shouldn’t take it down.’”

Timberlake, author

Justin Timberlake fans who are tired of reading about his private life in the tabloids now have an alternative: they can read about him in his own memoirs.

The 22-year-old former Britney’s boy has been shopping his autobiography at the Frankfurt book fair. Bidding is “frantic” says a source, and is said to have reached seven figures, but the word is that no deal has been made final.

“He’d put out feelers about doing a book a few years ago,” says the insider, “but at that point, he hadn’t had his heart broken by Britney. He hadn’t lived as much as he has now. And of course, there wasn’t Cameron.”

Speaking of Cameron, a source says that the relationship with the “Charlie’s Angels” babe has really heated up. “She’s moved in with him and it’s intense.” Timberlake’s rep had no comment.

Notes from all over

Sources at the junket promoting “Kill Bill” are complaining about Lucy Liu. “Everyone there was a dream except for one,” fumed one junketeer. “No wonder she usually plays evil characters.” . . . . Madonna has converted more than celebs to her newfound religion. The Kabbalah proselytizer — who has everyone from Britney to Stella McCartney wearing those red Kabbalah bracelets — has her daughter attending courses for the controversial branch of the religion — which some have labeled as fraudulent and others have called cult-like. “I only wish I had been exposed to understanding the laws of the Universe when I was a kid,” the lapsed Catholic writes in a testimonial that appears on a Kabbalah web site. . . . Pink is not a big fan of events like the MTV Video Music Awards show. “It’s like a big circle-jerk,” the chameleon-haired singer tells the November issue of Blender. “Everyone sits around jerking everybody off ‘Ohmigod, you’re so great!’ And then they turn around and say, ‘She looks like s—t.’ Plus, it’s boring.”

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