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Ask Ausiello: Who’s ‘Glee’s’ hot couple?

Sorry, Rachel and Puck fans. It looks like Puck will only have eyes for Quinn in upcoming episodes.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: G’day! How about you share some “Glee” scoop? —Vivian

Ausiello: OK, mate. There’s a crazy-ass rumor going around that Will will discover Terri’s faux baby plot, dump her, and then, in a moment of passion, get her pregnant for real! The really crazy-ass part? Sources confirm that two of those three things are true! And the other one? Not so much.

Question: I loved the Rachel-Puck hook-up in last week’s “Glee”! Is this something that the show may continue in the future? —Tiana

Ausiello: Not in the immediate future. In the immediate future, Puck is mostly into Quinn. Which is sweet considering he knocked her up and all.

Question: I have a really fun assignment for you, Aus. Create a chart listing every “Lost” alum there ever was, and then next to their names, tell us where things stand in terms of them returning for the final season. I just know how much you love to make lists. —Steven

Ausiello: I have a better idea: Let’s scrap the chart and forget we ever had this conversation. In return, I’ll share this “Lost” nugget with you: I hear Team Darlton will give us the answer to one of “Lost’s” oldest and most confounding mysteries. And I’m pretty sure it’s an answer none of us expected to get.

Question: Can you please find out what the deal is with episode 9 of “The Mentalist”? The plotline hasn’t been released, but I hear something big goes down at CBI. —Liz

Ausiello: Here’s what I know: It’s a big Red John episode and someone dies.

Question: Is Jenna the one who’s going to die on “The Vampire Diaries”? – Georgia

Ausiello: Nope.

Question: Have any “Vampire Diaries” tidbits? —Lauren

Ausiello: I have a tidbit. In episode 8, ****a* stakes ***o*.

Question: Is anything ever going to happen between Tony and Ziva on “NCIS”? —Lauren

Ausiello: I thought for sure something might happen in the Nov. 17 episode when the two sorta-lovebirds get trapped in an elevator overnight during a statewide blackout. But then an “NCIS” insider pointed out that it’s not Tony she’s marooned with, it’s another major male character. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: I’m really excited to hear about “Bones’” flashback episode. Does this mean we’ll be getting a visit from Zack? —Estee

Ausiello: “That’s still up in the air,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “We would like to have him in the episode, but we have to work out scheduling as well as story issues.”

Question: When are you going to post your Q&A with the “Smallville” producers? — Trisha

Ausiello: I’m eschewing the customary Q&A in favor of a parceling-out approach. Here’s one scoop. Here’s another. And, looky here, there’s a bunch more below!

Question: Will Clois move full-steam ahead on “Smallville” or will there be a monkey wrench that derails the train? —Murnice

Ausiello: While the relationship hasn’t exactly moved along faster than a speeding bullet, you’ll be glad to know that there are blue skies on the horizon — beginning with this week’s big smooch. “They both have a few issues, so things never go as smoothly as you think,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “But what’s great about the relationship, because it’s sort of more adult, mature relationship, is it actually brings their issues up to the forefront, and makes them start dealing with them instead of being the younger versions of themselves, where they might not have been that conscious of it.”

Question: Will Clark ever find out about Lois’ so-called “Sex Dream” on “Smallville”? —Lisa

Ausiello: “I would say tune into (episode 9) ‘Pandora,’” Souders teases. “Reality is relative in ‘Pandora,’ but I will say that when (Lois) goes to the future, there’s some skin there.” Souders adds that “‘Pandora’ is literally like a finale. It’s huge. You’ll see an alternate ending for everyone in the cast. You’ll see what could happen to them and the future is dramatic. You won’t be disappointed.”

Question: When will Clark put on the iconic glasses on Smallville? —Jackson

Ausiello: “There’s something coming up in these first nine episodes,” Souders reveals, “in which Clark might at least contemplate glasses.”

Question: Why has Allison Mack had so little screen time on “Smallville” this season? —Kathy

Ausiello: The calm before the storm, perhaps? “Chloe fans will not be disappointed,” Souders maintains. “There will be some budding romance in her life from an unexpected source.” Oliver? “I’m not saying.” In possibly related news, Souders reveals to me exclusively that during the second half of the season, “Chloe is going to meet a new hero who is not all that he’s cracked up to be.” Will this hero be carrying a DC Comics certificate of authenticity? “I don’t think we got the rights to his name cleared,” says Souders, “but it’s somebody fans of the show will be familiar with.” Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: I was so happy to see that you called “Parks and Recreation” one of the most improved shows of the season. I totally agree! Got any scoop? —Abby

Ausiello: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, according to showrunner Michael Schur. He says a November installment featuring a guest turn by Megan Mullally is “the best episode we’ve ever done.” Mullally plays Ron’s ex-wife, which is pretty funny since she’s married to his portrayer, Nick Offerman, in real life. But the laughs don’t end there. “She works for the library system, and they’re trying to take over the lot that Leslie is jealously guarding for her future park,” Schur explains. “So Ron has to get back involved with his ex-wife and fireworks ensue.”

Question: Please tell me that this week’s Ask Ausiello is not closed yet! You must tell me when Gemma tells SAMCRO what happened to her on “Sons of Anarchy”! —Cindy

Ausiello: You just made it in under the deadline! Congrats! To answer your question, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth comes out in the Nov. 10 episode.

Question: I have been patiently waiting for some “Numb3rs” scoop. Do you have any juicy tidbits you can supply? —Kristen

Ausiello: I have two, two juicy tidbits for you…

  1. This Friday’s episode features an appearance by Sam Lloyd (aka Lawyer Ted on “Scrubs”).
  2. Michelle Nolden is returning for multiple episodes as Don’s love interest, Robin.

Question: I’m pretty sure we’re long overdue for some “Damages” scoop. Agree? —Jeremy

Ausiello: I suppose. Ebon Moss-Bachrach (“John Adams”) has been cast as a potential love interest for Ellen. Also, rumor has it that Keith Carradine’s character will get it on with Glenn Close’s Patty.

Question: “Greek” info, please! Monday’s episode was incredible. One of the best ever. Cappie and Casey are my favorite couple on TV. —Kris

Ausiello: Now that those crazy kids are finally in sync on the love front, I can share with you a major spoiler I’ve been sitting on: This will be their first obstacle as a happy couple.

Question: I need me some “Supernatural” scoop. —Natalie

Ausiello: Body swap alert! Sam and Dean switch bodies in episode 12!

Question: I love Lauren Graham just as much as you do! And I’m glad you got to but I want more! I’m greedy! — Elizabeth

Ausiello: If it’s more you want, it’s more you shall get. “Parenthood” boss Jason Katims tells me that Graham’s single mom Sarah will differ slightly from the version Maura Tierney played in the pilot. “We were very much writing for Maura and in Maura’s voice, so there will be adjustments because of who Lauren is as an actress,” he says. “But it’s not like we’re completely reinventing anything.” Although he concedes that the circumstances under which Graham landed the role were “not good” (Tierney left to undergo treatment for breast cancer), Katims says he’s “extremely excited” to be working with LG. “I love her work,” he raves, “and I’m just so excited about what she’ll bring to the show and her enthusiasm for the project.”

Question: When, if at all, will Peter realize he doesn’t belong in this dimension on “Fringe”? — JSL

Ausiello: I ran this query by executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who responded, “Clearly part of the tension of this season is that the audience knows more about Peter than Peter knows about himself and we will continue to play that tension.” Or, to put it in the words of Massive Dynamic’s legal division, “No comment.”

Question: “90210” scoop, please!

Ausiello: Naomi’s going to tell a lie. No biggie, right? Wrong. This time, there will be major consequences.

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on “Gossip Girl”? Is he alive or is it a flashback? —Fernanda

Ausiello: It’s neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of “A Christmas Carol,” Fernan?

Question: I love “Grey’s Anatomy” but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this mystery woman from Mark’s past? —Sophie

Ausiello: I believe she hails from “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.

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