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Ask Ausiello: What’s the deal with ‘House’?

Wondering about the rumors regarding Cuddy on “House”? Is “Ugly Betty” in danger of getting cancelled? Need info on Chloe's love interest in “Smallville”? Get the dish on your favorite shows.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: "House" writer Tommy Moran tweeted that episode 14 is big for Cuddy. My question for you is how big? —Anna

Ausiello: So big that I hear Cuddy will be sharing her bed with two different people by the end of the hour.

Question: I feel an urge to poison my liver with a bottle of 150-buck Russian vodka after the rumor I just heard regarding episode 14 of "House." Cuddy and Lucas are going to have sex? Seriously? What does your mole say about it? Can I head to the liquor store? Should I buy some Valium just in case? —Andie

Ausiello: I hope you’re sitting down Andie because I have some earth-shattering news for you. Cuddy and Lucas have already had sex. Lots of it. That’s what boys and girls do when they’re in a romantic relationship. Now, as far as the Feb. 8 episode goes, all I’ll say is that Cuddy does, in fact, have a sexual encounter.

Question: I need some "House" scoop! —Raymond

Ausiello: "House" is going to pull some strings to get someone a job at Princeton Plainsboro in early ‘10. And someone else (a current employee) is not going to be happy about it.

Question: Any new bits on Chloe’s love interest on "Smallville"? —Rich

Ausiello: Three bits. The character’s name is Steven Swift, his alias is Warrior Angel, and he’s being played by Carlo Marks. Does that actor sound familiar? He should. He also played Chloe’s “what if” fiancé in the season 7 episode “Apocalypse.” I’m thinking this Marks dude is either really good friends with the Smallville casting director, or the show’s writers are screwing with us.

Question: There’s buzz that the whole "Criminal Minds" team will attend a funeral in an upcoming episode. What do you know? —Rita

Ausiello: I’m just spitballing here, but I bet it has something to do with the two deaths in next Wednesday’s 100th episode.

Question: How do I be a member? —Jacob

Ausiello: I just checked my records and you already are. Speaking of which, it’s annual dues time! If you haven’t paid, please do so before the end of the month to avoid that pesky late charge.

Question: I know you only answer questions you find funny, but I’m going to ask one anyway: Got anything you can share about "Criminal Minds"? —Stephanie

Ausiello: ROFLOLZOMG! You are too funny, Steph. Well done. Now about your request, next week’s gruesome eppy also boasts a finger-cutting and a head-bashing! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Question: I loved last week’s episode of "Ugly Betty." Justin’s storyline was heartbreaking and triumphant at the same time. When will he finally come out? —HH

Ausiello: I’m guessing by the end of the season, but Betty boss Silvio Horta would only say that Justin will continue “struggling with his identity and his journey is going to be funny, heartbreaking, moving and powerful.”

Question: I heard that "Ugly Betty" is on the verge of being canceled. Can you give me any inside information on that? —Michelle

Ausiello: I really don’t think Betty is in any immediate danger of getting pulled off the schedule. I mean, the ratings are bad but they’re not "Dollhouse" bad. Do I think ABC will renew it for a fifth season? Conventional wisdom says it’s probably a long-shot. For his part, Silvio Horta is preparing for either scenario. “Obviously, we all want the show to continue, but I don’t want to get caught off guard and have them tell me it’s the last season and have to wrap everything up in one episode,” he says. “So I have two season-ending arcs planned — one where it’s the last season and one where we continue for another one.”

Question: I need some "Supernatural" scoop. —D. Stephens

Ausiello: The show’s 100th episode (slated to air in March or April) will be a big one for Jensen Ackles. To find out why, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday.

Question: What’s the big family secret that gets revealed about Addison’s mother (JoBeth Williams) on "Private Practice"? —Jonathan

Ausiello: Hmm… How can I put this in a way that is both tasteful and gets my point across, yet doesn’t completely ruin the twist… Oh, I got it: She recently hung a Sue Sylvester poster on her wall!

Question: I have been waiting for more than two seasons for that amazing Addison-Sam kiss on "Private Practice"! Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs are too hot for words! Please tell me that there is more on the romance horizon for the pair! —Amy

Ausiello: Actually, Saddison will get back-burnered in the next batch of episodes as Addison deals with drama both family-related (see above) and ex-related (see this).

Question: Any chance for "The Good Wife" scoop? There are like no spoilers available when it comes to this new show. Care to change that? —Lisa

Ausiello: As you saw in the teaser for next week’s episode, Alicia comes face-to-face with her hubby’s mistress, Amber, for the first time. Alicia refuses to engage the crazy beyotch, so the confrontation is a little one-sided. In other Good news, producers are casting what appears to be a potential love interest for Kalinda. His name’s Ryan, he’s a hot-headed police investigator, and he ends up owing her a, ahem, favor. She’ll have time to, ahem, collect on said favor since it looks like the role will be recurring. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m intimating that they’re going to eventually engage in, ahem, sexual intercourse.

Question: Will the "NCIS" team be a part of solving Abby’s abduction next week, or just the "NCIS: LA" team? —Mary

Ausiello: This case is one the LA team will have to solve all by themselves. Speaking of which, I’ll be posting an exclusive clip from this special crossover eppy next Monday.

Question: Got any "Glee" scoop? —Amanda

Ausiello: I do after running into Lea Michele at Monday’s "New Moon" premiere in Hollywood. Rachel’s portrayer told us that many of the baby-centric plots that have been building up will start to unravel as we head toward the mid-season finale on Dec. 9. Mr. Schuester’s pregnancy-faking wife will be found out, and Finn will discover he’s not the father of Quinn’s baby. And what up in Rachel-land? Look for a little tension between the spotlight-hugger and Mercedes. “They have been setting up a competitive thing between those two, and we deal with it,” said Michele. “Rachel can’t always get the best part.”

Question: I know it’s not happening in the immediate future, but is there any chance for Puck-Rachel at all on "Glee"? Give us some hope! –Alex

Ausiello: Sorry, my little Puckleberry, but it doesn’t look good. Puck himself, Mark Salling, told us at the "New Moon" premiere that “there’s no indication that Puck will give it another try with Rachel. Puck is pretty interested in taking responsibility for his child with Quinn.” Lea Michele is clearly hoping the two make another go of it. “I pushed and fought for a Puck-Rachel storyline because I love Mark so much and I wanted to work with him more,” she revealed. “And I thought Rachel should get some action. She has needs. She can’t be waiting all season for Finn. I thought it could be really different and not a pairing that people would expect. It was great how many people turned out to like them hooking up. I don’t know of it coming up in the near future, but fingers crossed.”

Question: Got any scoop on the Madonna-themed episode of "Glee"? —Jacob

Ausiello: Look for Rachel to sing five tunes by her Madgesty. And could a flesh-and-blood cameo be in the works? Maybe, since ”nothing has been filmed yet,” Michele said. “I am keeping my fingers crossed.” Um, exactly how many fingers does this girl have?

Question: Is there any chance that the "Numb3rs" wedding you hinted at in the last AA is between Diane Farr’s character, Megan, and Larry? —Sydney

Ausiello: Probably not since, as I understand it, there are no plans for Diane Farr to return.

Question: "How I Met Your Mother" is currently filming its 100th episode so I’m guessing you have some new news for us. Right? —Jack

Ausiello: Right! Exec producer Carter Bays says the climactic musical number will feature “a big chorus, a kick line, the whole thing. It’s a big celebratory episode.” Everyone in the cast gets a chance to sing, and that includes reluctant crooner Alyson Hannigan. “She didn’t want to sing,” says Carter of Hannigan, who expressed similar reservations prior to shooting Buffy’s musical episode. “But we gave her a little something. She’s got a nice, lilting little voice.” Musical extravaganza aside, Carter says, at its core, the 100th installment is “just a great episode of Mother. That’s what I’m proud of more than anything else. It’s another good episode like the 99 before it.”

Question: Will Barney and Robin get back together on "How I Met Your Mother"? Their break-up felt rushed when you consider Barney pined after her for an entire season. —Robin

Ausiello: My crystal ball makes no mention of reconciliation in the near or distant future.

Question: Who’s this Don dude on "How I Met Your Mother"? Is he going to be a serious love interest for Robin? —Necle

Ausiello: This “Don dude” has a name: Benjamin Koldyke. And yes, it sounds like he’ll be around for a bit. “We’re hoping so,” says Carter Bays. “I don’t want to oversell anything. Yes, it’s very soon after her and Barney [split up], but it’s been a while since there’s been a real, serious… We’ve had characters that Ted has dated many times, but we haven’t brought in somebody for Robin. We’re seeing where it goes. We’re taking it gingerly.”

Question: Thanks for the "Leverage" scoops last week. But don’t stop there, keep ‘em coming! —Audrey

Ausiello: Secrets from Nate’s childhood will be uncovered during a con that unfolds entirely in a local pub. BTW, Leverage is tentatively scheduled to return on Jan. 13.

Question: Got any "Big Love scoop"? —Mari

Ausiello: It’s going to take a big man to replace Roman Grant as the show’s main villain, so guess what exec producers Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer did? They replaced him with three (actually, two men and a lady). According to Scheffer, Matt Ross’ Alby, Zeljko Ivanek’s JJ, and the new lobbyist character played by Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek will share the bad guy spotlight in season 4. Regarding JJ, Scheffer says there’s much we don’t know about Nikki’s creepy ex. “He has secrets and a dangerous past that comes to bear in his actions this season.” Adds Olsen: “What you learned last year about him is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Question: Man, you were right: J.D. has turned into a real jerk on "Friday Night Lights." What happened to him? —Joe

Ausiello: We’ll find out later in the season, says exec producer Jason Katims. “You’ll come to see that there are a lot of things underneath his bravado,” he says. “It sort of stems back to what we saw last season with the relationship between his parents and the abuse from his father.”

Question: I miss Olivia’s sister and niece on "Fringe." Will they be back this year? They showed Olivia’s softer side, something this season is lacking. —Sebastian

Ausiello: The niece is back in this week’s fantastic Observer-themed eppy (the first three minutes of which you can watch here), but Olivia’s sis is MIA. Ari Graynor’s busy movie career keeps getting in the way of a return engagement, but producers aren’t giving up. If the scheduling can be worked out, we will probably see Rachel by season’s end.