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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘House,’ more

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello delivers the scoop on Owen and Cristina on "Grey's Anatomy," Hannah on "Chuck," Dave on "Desperate Housewives" and much more.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: “Grey’s Anatomy” scoop on Owen and Cristina, please! — Jenilee
Ausiello: They’re headed for a dry spell. In the season premiere, Amy Madigan’s shrink advises Owen against making any further sexy time with Cristina until he can get the voices in his head to shut the hell up. Relax, they’re not breaking up. Just taking things slooooow.

Question: No “Grey’s Anatomy” scoop in the last Ask Ausiello? Forget trying to get Mark-Lexie scoop, I’ll take anything on “Grey’s” at this point! — Maddy
Too bad, because Mark-Lexie scoop is what you’re getting. “They’ve got a lot of challenges coming down the pike,” concedes exec producer Krista Vernoff. “The most consistent challenge is the one that’s built into the fabric of their relationship: He’s pushing 40, she’s in her early 20s.”

Question: What will happen to Patrick Dempsey on “Grey’s” when Ellen Pompeo heads off on maternity leave? — Jacob
He’ll get some much-needed alone time. As exec producer Krista Vernoff explains, Dempsey has been “patiently” waiting to get a story that wasn’t directly tied to the Der-Mer love story. And this season he’ll get his wish. “Derek hasn’t been a fully explored character separate from Meredith,” Vernoff admits. “The fact that by necessity Ellen is going to need a little less screen time gives us more encouragement to explore Derek as a doctor.” This includes what Vernoff describes as an “extraordinary medical story” involving Derek and a patient in this season’s sixth episode, directed by co-star Chandra Wilson.

Question: I love the idea of Kristin Kreuk on “Chuck,” but I need more. Tell me something else about her character, Hannah. — Diana
Chuck won’t be the only Buy moron crushing on the new girl. Morgan will develop semi-serious feelings for her, too.

Question: How about some “Law & Order: Mothership” scoops? — Aaron
Okay, but it’s a little bit of a drag. I hear S. Epatha Merkerson’s Van Buren will be diagnosed with cancer this season.

Question: Any chance “Desperate Housewives” will release Neal McDonough’s Dave from the loony bin? — Arno
I asked Marc Cherry that question and got this curious response: “Not this season.” Hmm…

Question: Can you please put together a list of premiere dates for all of this fall’s new and returning shows? — Brittney
I guess if I have to.

Question: Will Brennan rethink wanting Booth’s baby on “Bones”? — Sharon
Booth’s baby? No. A baby? And how. “She does not want to have his baby if he doesn’t want her to have the baby,” says series creator Hart Hanson, adding that “it was really significant that once he had doubts, she wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’ll have the baby with someone else.’ If Brennan wants to have a baby, she wants to have Booth’s baby. Her interest in having a child declines to zero when she considers having anyone else’s baby.”

Question: So I just recently rented the first season of “Dollhouse” and am now an addict! Any scoop you can give me on season 2? — Tiana
My colleague Whitney Pastorek recently heard from “housekeeper” Joss Whedon that “we’re actually doing an episode about what a dork Ausiello is. Echo’s actually imprinted with the personality of Ausiello, and all she does is go thpbbbt. It’s gonna be great.” OMG, that’s hilarious! I actually have some fun news of my own. I’m working on a column about the abrupt cancellation of “Dollhouse.” That’s gonna be great, too!

Question: I know “Heroes” hasn’t exactly been stellar for the past two years, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any fans who are dying to get whatever information they can about the new season! Give it another chance, man! — Michael K.
Ausiello: You don’t have to tell me that the show still has fans. If only because series creator Tim Kring recently did just that. In spite of creative wobbliness and ratings dips, “I’m not sure that our fate is in jeopardy,” he said. “People are watching our show in so many different ways on so many platforms. We’re among the [most] DVR’d shows on TV last season and we were NBC’s No. 1 drama last season in the key demos.”

Question: Wondering if this season of “Heroes” will be the last. Any insight? — Gail
Not just any but Tim Kring’s. He says that although the upcoming Redemption volume could serve as the show’s swan song, he doesn’t intend for it to. In fact, he adds that “we’ve never really posited an ending ... [because] it’s never been one long serialized story. Each volume has a beginning, middle and end. So we try to wrap things up pretty neatly each time and string a cliffhanger over the break to reward the loyal viewers.”

Question: I need some good House-Cuddy scoop. — Lynne
They’re going on a trip! I mean, it’s a business trip, but still. During November sweeps, House, Cuddy, and Wilson will attend a medical conference together. What do you want to bet the hotel screwed up their reservation and they all have to share a bed?! I’m in for $10.

Question: More info on and how it hurts his marriage to Cameron on “House,” please? Cameron euthanized a patient in season three, so it would be pretty hypocritical of her to be angry at him. — Mae
Imagine killing someone. Now imagine not sharing that little piece of information with your spouse. See where I’m going with this?

Question: Any scoop on whether or not Monk will finally figure out who killed his wife Trudy? It’s the last season of the show, and so far USA Network hasn’t given us any indication that they’ll wrap up this thread before the show calls it quits. — Kelly
A USA insider assures me that we “will have closure on Trudy’s murder by the end of the season. Viewers will start seeing clues to that in the upcoming episodes.”

Question: My favorite show about ridiculously good-looking fraternity and sorority members at a fictional Midwestern college is back! How about some “Greek” scoopage? — Dan
Ausiello: DEFCON 1 spoiler alert: Sources confirm to me that by the end of the show’s current 10-episode run, Casey will be in a committed, long-term relationship with either Cappie or Evan.

Question: How is Chuck gonna react when he finds out Blair tricked him into kissing a guy on “Gossip Girl”? Is there gonna be a revenge? — Amy
The kiss itself isn’t the issue. It’s the general lack of trust between them that causes problems. And the tension grows the following week when another breakdown in trust occurs — this time involving the bar Chuck opens in his new hotel.

Question: Can we have a “Mentalist” scoop to keep us going until the new season? I’m going through severe withdrawal. — Deborah
Series creator Bruno Heller confirms that Rigsby and Van Pelt “will take their courtship to the next level. We’ve been working toward this. The push and pull of should-they-or-shouldn’t-they is a big part of their dynamic in the office. But once they do take it to the next level, that presents a whole fresh set of problems for them: Who do they tell? Can they tell anyone? What happens when the bureau finds out?”

Question: Will they finally catch Red John this season on “The Mentalist”? — Amy
Not by a long shot. “I don’t foresee finding Red John,” Heller confesses. “I think finding Red John is a lifetime’s journey. But never say never.”

Question: Any spoilers for season 7 of “Cold Case”? — Denise
Look for Nick to spin out of control after he receives some overwhelming news about his health.

Question: You haven’t said anything about “Numb3rs” in quite some time. I have a horrible, unfounded fear that this might be the last season for the show. Anything you can share? — Nicole
Your fear is not so unfounded. “With the reality of what the business is, we would love it to come back another year after this, but we don’t know,” concedes “Numb3rs” co-creator Cheryl Heuton.

Question: Can you please give us some “Numb3rs” scoop? — Lauren
There will be a Rashomon-type episode where there’s a shooting and everyone there tells a different version of what happened. So the team uses the mathematical concept of “Combinatorics” to filter through the different points-of-view and make sense of what actually happened. In other news, Peter MacNicol’s Larry will disappear for a chunk of the season to gain a new perspective on things.

Question: OK, you did it. I tried to resist but I finally gave in and watched all three seasons ofFriday Night Lights.” And I am absolutely hooked! Definitely in my Top 5 all-time favorite shows. Thanks, Mike. Any news on season 4 story lines? — Daisy
Producers are talking to Minka Kelly about making a two-episode return as Lyla halfway through the season. Coincidentally, that’s right around the time things start heating up between Riggins and Dillon’s resident Lolita, Becky (played by newcomer Madison Burge). Isn’t that conveeeeenient.

Question: Is there any word of Wayne Knight showing up with the rest of the “Seinfeld” cast on this season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”? I’d love to see/hear Jerry say his famous “Hello … Newman” line one more time. — Brandon D
I can’t confirm the “Hello … Newman” part, but yes, Wayne Knight will appear during the tail end of “Curb’s” upcoming season, per EW’s resident “Seinfeld-Curb” expert (and author of this week’s awesome EW cover story), Mr. Dan Snierson.

Question: Great news about Campbell Scott joining “Damages,” but I also love him as Boris on “Royal Pains.”  Will he be able to still recur a significant amount of times on “Pains” while doing “Damages”? — Carson
I’m told the “Damages” gig will not preclude him from returning to “Pains” for season 2.

Question: Evan Rachel Wood is so amazing as the queen on “True Blood.” Any plan for her to return in future seasons? — Francesca
There’s a plan in place for her to return next season. Anything beyond that is TBD.

Question: I was wondering if you had any scoop on Heather Locklear returning to “Melrose Place”? — Jason
As of yesterday there was no official deal in place. I’m praying it happens just to see the face-off between Amanda and Katie Cassidy’s mini-Amanda, Ella. Speaking of Nuevo Melrose, just watched episode 2 and it’s crazy-good. Even better than the pilot, and I really liked the pilot.

Okay, that’s a wrap! Please send questions/comments/anonymous tips to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick, Tanner Stransky, Dan Snierson, and John Young)