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Ask Ausiello: Scoop on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Gossip Girl’

Why is a priest needed on "Grey's Anatomy"? What's up with the Walkers on "Brothers & Sisters"?
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: Could you reward us with a little “Gossip Girl” scoop? Just enough to tide us over 'til September? Pretty please? --Jon

Ausiello: There will be a controversial hookup early on in season 3. And one of the participants of said controversial hookup will be Dan. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Question: Is Vanessa from “Gossip Girl” going to get her own storyline next season? Despite what some may think, there is Vanessa love out there. --Jess F.

Ausiello: Yes, she's getting her own storyline. A romance, in fact. With someone she met briefly at the end of last season. Commence with the dot-connecting.

Question: I'm looking for a major “Smallville” scoop. --Corina

Ausiello: You found it: The iconic "S" symbol will be all over the show in season 9. Including on Clark's chest.

Question: I'll give you a dollar if you have any scoop on the rumor circulating that after season 9 of “Smallville” there may be a spin-off called “Metropolis.” --Tan

Ausiello: My peeps at Warner Bros. are still insisting that some drunk fan probably made that up nothing like that is being discussed at the moment. Now for the awkward part: I'd like my dollar. I accept cash or Diners Club.

Question: Your frenemy reported that there will be a priest in the “Grey's Anatomy” premiere and that someone may be getting married. Care to comment? --Joel

Ausiello: Yes, there will be a priest, but no, he won't be marrying anyone off. His presence is needed for something far less celebratory. No further explanation should be necessary.

Question: I'm getting thirsty for some scoop. Got any “True Blood”? --Sofia

Ausiello: Sink your teeth into this.

Question: I have never watched “Torchwood.” Will I be able to watch “Torchwood: Children of Earth” without being lost? --Kelly

Ausiello: Hell, yeah. I'm actually only a sporadic “Torchwood” viewer, so I too had concerns that the five-night miniseries (debuting on BBC America July 20) would be tough to follow. But it's not. At all. I screened parts 1-3 over the weekend, and they're ridiculously accessible, not to mention this summer's second-most entertaining offering (after True Blood, of course). BBC is sending parts 4 and 5 to me on Friday after they've aired in the U.K. I guess they were afraid I'd spoil the ending for my friends across the pond. I'd never do that. I'm much more interested in spoiling the beginning for my friends stateside. To wit: In the first two hours, a major character discovers *h** *h* ** ********. And there's a big ****. And ********* blows up -- a very important *********.

Question: How do we know if we made the cut for your Comic-Con meet-and-greet? --Jennifer

Ausiello: If you received an e-mail from me last Thursday, congratulations, you made the cut. Everyone else is invited to attend the unofficial gathering behind the police barricades across the street from the venue.

Question: It's been a long time since we've gotten “Brothers & Sisters” scoop. Do you have any nifty news to share about their fourth season? I'm totally dying here! --Heather

Ausiello: The premiere will pick up roughly three months after the finale, but little has changed: Kitty and Robert's marriage remains in train-wreck mode, Sarah is still playing the field, Nora is preparing for her weekly party from hell, and another Walker sib wants a baby.

Question: Is it true that Sendhil Ramamurthy is leaving “Heroes”? --Mara

Ausiello: First I'm hearing of it. Let me roll up my sleeves and do some digging. I'll get back to you. (If anyone has info on Sendhil Ramamurthy's Heroes status, please email me at Your anonymity is guaranteed.)

Question: I know that Mary Lynn Rajskub follows you on Twitter. I also know she wants to go to your Comic-Con meet-up. But I can't wait that long! Any chance you can convince her to reveal something about “24's” new season? --Joel T.

Ausiello: All she would tell me is that she shot a scene on Tuesday with Annie Wersching, Mykelti Williamson, and Katee Sackhoff. Okay, she didn't so much tell me that as I read it on her Twitter feed. As for her request to attend my exclusive Comic-Con soiree, I'm fine with her making a little cameo provided she realizes this is my night. I'm not interested in sharing the spotlight with anyone. If she can agree to those terms and bring along the first three 24 scripts of the new season and pick up part of the tab, I'd be honored to have her join us.

Question: Do you have any scoop on the third season of “Damages”? When is the show coming back? --Adam

Ausiello: The writers get back to work this month, and production begins in September. According to my calculations, that puts the premiere around February or March.

Question: Who is your favorite Smurf? --Ava

Ausiello: It's a toss-up between Lazy and Vanity, for obvious reasons. Speaking of my true blue friends, I think I mentioned that Connie Britton walked off with one of them when she visited last month. What I didn't mention is that she promised to stealthily plant the figurine on the set of “Friday Night Lights” as a subtle shout-out to yours truly. Your challenge — if you think you're up to it — will be to spot it before the propmaster confiscates it. Think you're up to it? There may be prizes involved!

Question: Do you have any “Fringe” news? Pretty please, with a cherry on top that hasn't been soaked in high fructose corn syrup? --Tyre

Ausiello: I hear the opening sequence in the season premiere is going to be killer -- and I mean that literally and figuratively.

Question: Any tips about the second season of “Fringe”? --Lolotte

Ausiello: I can confirm that Charlie (the exiting Kirk Acevedo) does in fact appear in the premiere. I can also confirm that what happens to him will blow your frakkin' mind.

Question: Any news on a stay of execution for “Samantha Who”? --Tammy

Ausiello: Yes, but it's not good. It's bad, in fact. Executive producer Donald Todd informed me yesterday via e-mail that all hope is essentially lost. "Sadly, ABC's strategy to get new viewers — by taking the show off the air for months at a time — did not pan out, and they have no further plans for us," he said. "The producers, and Christina, remain baffled by the whole thing. As viewers can see in the final episodes airing now, we were heading in a great direction; the calls and e-mails about those episodes are both gratifying and painful." There was some talk of the show finding a new home on cable, but that too has fizzled out. On the bright side ... um ... er ... I've got nothing.

Question: Can you please give us some “Numb3rs” scoop? --Lauren

Ausiello: In the season opener, an assassin targets a political activist in a series of attacks that hide a mysterious agenda. But here's what you really want to know: Don will deal with the fallout from being stabbed (preview: "Ouch!"), and Amita will weigh Charlie's marriage proposal.

Question: Give us some scoopage on our favorite steamy apartment complex: “Melrose Place”! --Jed

Ausiello: There are two Sydney-centric twists in store. One of them you may have heard about (tee-hee). The other one you definitely haven't (mwhahahah).

Question: Any truth to the rumor that Adam Lambert filmed a cameo for “Glee”? --Stephanie

Ausiello: No, but someone comes out in episode 3. And it's exactly who you think it will be.

Question: Since “CSI: Miami” is flashing back to 1997, can we assume that some old favorites will be returning? Like Rory Cochrane? --Katie

Ausiello: His participation remains a question mark, according to exec producer Ann Donahue. "We're talking to Rory right now about coming back," she says. "We don't know if it's going to happen yet." (Click here to re-read Cochrane's recent comments on the subject. What seemed confusing two weeks ago suddenly makes a lot of sense.) Donahue is able to confirm that Khandi Alexander will return for the Miami prequel. And what about Kim Delaney, who was shown the door at the end of season 1? "We love Kim [but] we didn't approach her to do this," Donahue says of the Army Wives heroine. "We [may] mention that Megan is on a task force in Tallahassee." BTW, for more on “CSI: Miami's” change-of-pace premiere, pick up the new issue of EW, on sale Friday.

Question: I am James Suzuki, a legal practitioner based in London. I have urgent business for you. --James

Ausiello: I don't care if you're flying in from London just to meet me in person. The event is full.

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