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Ask Ausiello: Scoop on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Bones’

Michael Ausiello dishes the dirt on what's coming up on popular shows, including "Gossip Girl" and "House."
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: Any “Grey's Anatomy” scoop? --Laura Ausiello: Yep, a pretty big one. More on that later.

Question: Got any more “Grey's” scoop? --Katie
Okay, you wore me down: Remember the haunting image of an army-clad George waiting outside the elevator for Izzie in the season finale? Well, it wasn't supposed to be George standing there. The scene was originally shot with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Denny playing the role of Izzie's heavenly escort. But as Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes explains to me exclusively, "I received the first cut [of the finale] on a Friday and something didn't feel right. All weekend long something was bugging me. And then I woke up Monday morning and it hit me, 'My God, it's George! When the elevator opens, it should be George we see.'" There was just one problem. Actually, there were two problems. And to find out what they were and how they got resolved (apologies in advance) pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale Friday!

Question: How much longer do we have to wait for “Grey's” scoop?! --CarlyAusiello: One of the two problems involved Katherine Heigl's location at the time of Shonda's epiphany. That's all you're getting. You have to pick up the mag for the rest.

Question: Anything on “Grey's”? --Nancy Ausiello: The other problem involved what T.R. Knight did to his head after production wrapped. Now I'm really done.

Question: Emmy nominations are in a few hours. Any last-minute predictions? --Keith
I'm willing to bet big money that “Chuck,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Big Love,” and “The Shield” will all get bupkes. This just in: Emmy nominations are announced!

Question: Why is Kirk Acevedo leaving “Fringe”? His choice? Storyline dictated? --Dee
Storyline dictated. Charlie wasn't going to have much to do this season, and rather than waste Kirk's time, they cut him loose. But as I teased last week, we haven't seen the last of him.

Question: Has “Friday Night Lights” officially settled on the Lions as the mascot for East Dillon? --Clay
They're using that as a placeholder, but I'm told it will likely change. The team's colors are also TBD, so if you've got ideas about either, post 'em in the comments.

Question: We haven't heard anything new on “House” for a while. Can you give us something nice and juicy? --Mariel
Not sure if this is juicy but it's definitely nice: I think House and his asylum mates are going on a field trip to an amusement park in the two-hour opener. According to a completely sane insider, the show shot scenes on location at Universal Studios last week. I'm told House was working the Skydiving Fan. Whatever that is.

Question: What's this I hear about a Booth and Brennan kiss on “Bones”? Confirmation, please! --Molly
Series creator Hart Hanson confirms that a season-opening smooch "was scripted," but adds, "I'm in no way confirming that it was a sincere scripting. Could have been a way to identify leaks." Now, as someone who's been in this situation before, here's what you need to do next, Molly: Get in touch with your mole and tell him to pack his bags, grab his passport and get the hell out of the country. They're onto him!

Question: I'm really hoping you've got some “Criminal Minds” news. Please tell me Hotch is still alive! --Chrissy
I think it's a positive sign that Minds is casting the role of an emergency room doctor for the season premiere.

Question: Now that “Mercy” will begin on NBC earlier than expected, will Michelle Trachtenberg still be able to fulfill her three-episode arc on “Gossip Girl”? --ParmAusiello: Unfortunately for Blair, yes, she will. The onetime Queen Bee will have a hard enough time adjusting to college life. Georgina's arrival as her roommate in episode 2 compounds her misery tenfold. 

Question: I would love the scoop on just how much The CW pays you every time you cover “Gossip Girl.” I don't doubt that the show has followers, but the coverage EW is giving it has gotten ridiculous! ---Frank
Oooooh, that reminds me: A major Gossip guy decides not to go to college very early in the season. Take your best guess to the comments!

Question: Chuck-Blair scoopage would be delightful! --LH
Look for C and B to take an unorthodox approach to warding off the seven-week itch.

Question: “Weeds” scoop? --Melissa
"Little Boxes" makes a tiny comeback in Monday's episode. Also, Andy refuses a gift -- a gift he really wants. Oh, and one more thing: Keep your ears open for a Comic-Con reference! Speaking of which, Ausholes unite and get drunk in one week! Sources confirm to me exclusively that there may be a few special guests!

Question: Got any “Weeds” scoop? --Mohammad
Celia goes into business with an Avon-esque company, and the results are predictably disastrous.

Question: Any “Melrose Place” dish? --Jacob
The show is adding the recurring role of a Madam -- and you'll know why after watching the pilot. The producers should throw us old timers a bone and cast Kristian Alfonso as the head whore. Who's with me? 

Question: I am psyched about “CSI: Miami's” flashback season opener! Anything else you can offer up? --Monica
We'll catch our first glimpse of new castmember Eddie Cibrian in one of episode's flashback sequences. Apparently, his character crossed paths with one (or more) of our vets back in 1997. Speaking of Cibrian's alter ego, exec producer Ann Donahue says reports that he'll be transferring from the Hollywood division is "a misnomer... He's actually worked robbery homicide in L.A."

Question: How soon into “CSI: Miami's” premiere before Delko is found? --Jimmy
"We find him in the first two minutes and he is unconscious," reveals Ann Donahue, who adds that the flashback portion of the ep begins while he's en route to the hospital. "The ambulance is hurtling down alligator alley and we [close in] on the license plate, which says '09. And then we change the license plate to '97 and suddenly he's in his tow truck."

Question: I just saw the trailer for the new Joel McHale comedy “Community” and I almost fell out of my chair when I saw my favorite “Daily Show” British man John Oliver. Who does he play and is it a recurring role? --Clumsy chair girl
He plays Jeff’s (Joel McHale) good friend and colleague, Professor Duncan. And he just signed on for an additional two episodes, so, yes, I think it's accurate to say it's a recurring role. (BTW, the actual pilot is as funny as the trailer lets on.)

Question: I've been asking for weeks and I refuse to give up: Please give us some “Legend of the Seeker“ scoopage. --Jeff
I've got just the thing to get you off my case: In season 2's fifth episode, we'll meet a young (20s-30s) version of Zedd.  

Question: They're have been conflicting reports about where “Smallville” is heading in the romance department this year. Is it the season of Clois, or are they really revisiting Lois and Ollie again? --Jeff
It's full-tilt-Clois. I'm sure they will touch on Lois-Ollie, but it won't be anything significant. 

Question: Will “Glee” introduce Lea's mom? Wouldn't it be cool if it turned out to be Idina Menzel? Just a thought. --Wendy
I like the way your mind works. Unfortunately, there are no immediate plans to bring on Lea's mom. We don't even meet her dads in the first 13 episodes.

Question: I'm dying for some “Dexter” scoop? --Meg
Season 4 will herald the arrival of new loves for both Batista and Laguerta. Very happy about the Batista part of that. His love story with the undercover hooker last season made me throw up in my mouth a little. 

Question: When can we finally expect to see Maura Tierney on “Rescue Me”? --Justin
Her arc kicks off on July 28. And because it warrants repeating: Get well soon, Maura!

Question: I saw your Tweet about having seen “Dollhouse's” "Epitaph One" episode. What did you think? I can't wait to see it next week at Comic-Con! --Tim
Before I answer that, you should know that A) I was a little buzzed when I tweeted that, B) I'm not that bright, and C) aggressive watermarks make me dizzy. With that out of the way, here's my review: I was completely and utterly lost. I may try watching it again this weekend. Or just let one of you explain it to me at Comic-Con. 

Question: Please give us something on “Grey's”? --Jay
The second problem involving T.R. Knight's head eventually became the solution. Okay, now I'm really really done. Get the rest of the scoop in this week's EW!

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