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Ask Ausiello: ‘House,’ ‘Smallville’ spoilers

Will House and Cuddy finally get together? And who’s dying on ‘Smallville’?
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Each week, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello answers your questions about what's happening on all your favorite TV shows.

Question: Give me a reason to watch “House” next week. --Jo

Ausiello: House and Cuddy get physical!

Question: As much as I loved your all-“House” Ask Ausiello, I have to admit I was just a tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get even a little Huddy-related scooplet. In honor of my birthday next Tuesday, give me something about the May 4 episode. --Megan

Ausiello: Okay, but I expect you to reciprocate when my b-day rolls around next February. And sending me a greeting via Facebook or Twitter doesn't count. In Monday's ep, House suspects his drug habit is fueling his Amber hallucinations, so he decides to quit Vicodin cold turkey. Cuddy comes to his apartment to personally empty out his medicine cabinet, a struggle ensues, and, before you know it, they're both wrestling on the bathroom floor and ... well ... roll the clip.

Question: So Faraday is the “less ish, more major” death on “Lost,” right? What a reveal! Can we expect any more mayhem before the season finale? --Tim

Ausiello: Yes and hell yes.

Question: Any news on the upcoming season of “Dexter”? --Rosalie

Ausiello: Production on season 4 starts May 28 and, if all goes according to plan, new episodes will begin airing this fall. Spoiler-wise, six months will have lapsed on-screen between the finale and the premiere, which means the birth of Dexter and Rita's son will have already happened.

Question: Okay, Ausiello, tell me the truth. Is the person being killed off in the season finale of “Law & Order: SVU” listed in the opening credits? --Geoff

Ausiello: No.

Question: Is there any news as to whether Jessica Capshaw will be back on “Grey's Anatomy” next season? --Jay

Ausiello: Not only will she be back, she's finalizing a deal to become a full-fledged series regular! Holla if you're a lesbian!

Question: Please give us a hint about the special guest that will appear in the season finale of “Smallville” and then return next season! --Jorge

Ausiello: I'll give you two: He shows up in the final scene, and he's going to cause big problems next season.

Question: How about you give us another clue as to who is dying in the “Smallville” season finale? --Kendall

Ausiello: I've said all I'm going to say on the subject. I lied, here's one final hint: I can confirm that there is a twist, but it doesn't involve anyone coming back to life. Okay, now I'm done.

Question: I know “Weeds” started filming season 5 recently so you've got to know something! I need to know what's up with Nancy. --Brandy

Ausiello: Producers are auditioning thirtysomething actresses to play Nancy's trusted gynecologist on a recurring basis. The role is calling for tasteful nudity and simulated sex, which makes sense since I hear she'll be getting busy with Andy.

Question: The “Heroes” finale made it seem like Zachary Quinto might not be back next season. What's the deal? --Antonio

Ausiello: Zachary Quinto will without question be back next season. But I hear the show is also planning to introduce a cool and mysterious new villain. And, let's face it, it's time.

Question: You were right: The “Heroes” finale was fantastic. Any scoop on season 4? --Eric

Ausiello: Tracy's whole revenge arc will serve as a centerpiece of next fall's "Redemption" volume.

Question: Any news on what we can expect from the new season of “Entourage”? --Deirdre

Ausiello: The other man currently destroying Robert and Kitty's marriage on “Brothers & Sisters,” Matt Letscher, has been cast as the TV exec overseeing Drama's show.

Question: Please, please, please have some good scoop for “The Office.” I feel like it has been forever since we have learned something new. --Matt

Ausiello: Here's what you already know: Everyone (including Amy Ryan's Holly) gathers together for Dunder Mifflin's annual company picnic. Here's what you don't know: The episode ends with a doozy of a twist, the repercussions of which will be felt well into next season.

Question: I am dying here. Do you have anything on “90210.” --Shay

Ausiello: Interesting choice of words. Makes me wonder what Jim Walsh is up to. I hear we may find out in the finale.

Question: You're funny! Will Luke Grimes be a regular cast member next season on “Brothers & Sisters”? --Henri

Ausiello: Yes, I can confirm that I am funny. Oh, wait, that wasn't a question. My bad. Re: Grimes, I believe making him a series regular was the plan, but that may change in light of growing Ryan backlash. Personally, I have no problem with the actor. It's the way they're writing him that irks me. His creepy obsession with Rebecca was bad enough, but now he's teaming up with Holly to take down the Walkers? And the fact that the writers allowed their sharpest character — Sarah — to fall for it hook, line, and sinker is unforgivable. Can you tell I'm a little down on B&S these days?

Question: With the May "upfronts" coming soon, could you be wonderful enough to put together a list of those shows already renewed, those going to the MIA network, and those shows up in the air? Pretty please? --Paige

Ausiello: Nah.

Question: What is your gut feeling on “Chuck's” chances of renewal? --MD

Ausiello: After watching the finale, my gut feeling is that Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak left NBC with absolutely no choice but to bring it back for a third season.

Question: I'm writing you as I watch “Ugly Betty” film a scene outside the Woolworth Building, which doubles as Meade Publications Headquarters on the show. It looks like someone important has fallen from the building and onto a car. Who is it?! --Rachel

Ausiello: Let's ring-up executive producer Sylvio Horta and find out! (And by "ring-up" I mean conduct the interview I had previously arranged through ABC that just happened to coincide with your eyewitness report.) "Yes, someone plummets to their death in the season finale," Horta confirms. "It will play a big role in the plot."

Question: Will Meredith and Thatcher finally resolve their issues on “Grey's Anatomy”? --Gabby

Ausiello: Not exactly. She, will, however reach a new understanding with the Chief. She even gives him a gift. A pretty major gift. A gift I have a hunch will play a big role next season (if the story is going where I think it's going.)

Question: Can you give me some “Grey's Anatomy” scoop about Mer/Der? I'm tired of hearing about Izzie! --Angelique

Ausiello: You're in luck! I just hung up with Sharon Lawrence, who guest stars this week as Izzie's trailer-trash mom, and she had some interesting things to say about working alongside Katherine Heigl. For starters, they didn't get a chance to speak to each other prior to rehearsing their first scene, which called for Lawrence to practically tackle Heigl in her hospital bed. "The first thing I did was barge in and hug her," Lawrence explains with a laugh. "I could tell right away she was present and not guarded. We got to know each other as the day went on, because we would have time to talk about other things while we were waiting to work. It's an odd thing we do for a living. Sometimes you have to get very close to somebody right away. That's why I was so grateful for her openness and warmth, and it's because of that that we were able to make physical and emotional choices that really conveyed the intimacy these two had. She is such an honest and open actress. There is not an untrue bone in her body as an actor, and it made my job so easy." Despite all the media attention focused on Heigl's uncertain “Grey's” future, Lawrence insists she came into the job with no preconceived notions about her TV daughter. "I would never judge the situation from the outside," she says. "I've been around long enough to know that the outside does not have all the facts. All I care about is that the storyline is served well."

Question: Scoop on “Gossip Girl” please. --Bri

Ausiello: First, a correction about something I said last week. Turns out, Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair's campaign for prom queen. It's actually just the opposite.

Question: Any “Gossip Girl” season finale scoop? --Patricia

Ausiello: The episode revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl.

Question: Hey, Jerkface. The producers, show-runner, as well as some of the actors from “Sarah Connor Chronicles” are all going on record saying you are wrong about Fox canceling the show. Not only that, but that they are making a point of mocking you in the process. --LT

Ausiello: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will ... they didn't drag the Smurfs into it, did they?

Question: I was wondering if you had a scoop on Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni's contract with a guy named Dick? --Grace

Ausiello: My NBC mole says there is some back-channel negotiating going on and there's cautious optimism that a deal will be worked out. And if not, don't expect Benson and Stabler to get a sendoff befitting their decade-long service. The season finale makes no mention of either of them possibly moving on.

Question: When will Alpha be unmasked on “Dollhouse”? --Art

Ausiello: This Friday!

Question: Please tell me if you have some spoilers on the next season of “Secret Life of the American Teenager”? I can't wait until June! --Holly

Ausiello: A significant male character will die early into the season. And something happens as a result of it that will probably piss off the (insert name of conservative TV watchdog group).

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