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Ask Ausiello: Banks, Duff heat up ‘Gossip Girl’

Tyra Banks’ guest appearance is unintentionally hilarious, while Hilary Duff is a new love interest for Penn Badgley.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Question: All I ask for is some scoop from one of my “G” shows: “Glee,” “Greek,” Gossip Girl” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” —April

Ausiello: For a second there I thought I was finally going to be able to unload the humongous “Gary Unmarried” scoop I’ve been sitting on. Maybe next week. In the meantime, here’s something on “Grey’s”: Seattle Grace’s merger with Mercy West claims its first victim this week. (Hint: The pink-slipped party is female and has been around since season 1. And no, it’s not Mer. Or Izzie. Or Cristina. Or Bailey.)

Question: Is there any good “Grey’s Anatomy” scoop? —Bryan

Ausiello: There is if you’re a Calzona ’shipper: Seattle Grace’s token lesbians make it official this week. Well, officialish.

Question: Rumor has it that Ausiello has been slacking on his “Gossip Girl” scoop. —Tina

Ausiello: Rumor has it you smell, but you don’t see me spreading that around, do you? Here’s your damn “GG” scoop: Tyra Banks’ guest turn as a tempestuous film actress in Monday’s episode is highlarious. Even better, she wasn’t trying to be funny, so you’ll be laughing at her and not with her! Awesome, right? Well, the news just keeps getting better ’cause I gots me a clip!

Question: I’d give my left hand and my first two children (named Aus and Hole, of course) if you would give us a juicy “Gossip Girl” scoop. The Dan-Georgina hookup ruined Brooklyn for me forever! —Erin

Ausiello: Well, there’s no D&G in Monday’s episode. There is a fair amount of D&D (Dan and Duff, as in Hilary), and, I have to say, I don’t hate them together. I’m also kind of loving Chuck and Blair as an official couple. Kudos to Team Schwavage for doing what few TV writers have ever been able to — making an entertaining couple even more entertaining together than apart.

Question: What happened to all the “Supernatural love? It’s only the best show on television. Please tell me something! —Becca

Ausiello: Ever wonder what “Supernatural” would look like as a sitcom? You’ll find out in episode 8. Laugh track and all.

Question: I’m sad that Jennifer Morrison is leaving “House.” Can I have some Huddy news to cheer me up? —Jason

Ausiello: Circle December on your calendars. That’s the month episode 10 is slated to air and, as exec producer Greg Yaitanes tweased earlier this week, it’s heavy on the Huddy. Whether or not it’s pro- or anti-Huddy remains a mystery, but here’s a possible clue: Rumor has it Michael Weston’s arc wraps up in that very same episode.

Question: A debate is raging as to whether Jennifer Morrison’s exit from “House” is temporary or permanent. Which is it?—Claire

Ausiello: Morrison remains under contract through the end of the season, so producers have the legal right to bring her back — hence the possible guest appearance later in the season that I told you about. But as far as a full-time return goes, I don’t see it happening. And neither does my “House” mole, who points out that, “Jennifer’s trailer is empty. Seems rather permanent to me.”

Question: So Cameron’s leaving “House.” Any scoop on the when, how, and why? —Rachel

Ausiello: Episode 9, leaves town, problems with Chase.

Question: Vincent D’Onofrio can’t leave “Law & Order: CI”! Did he quit or was he fired? —Jacob

Ausiello: Quit?! That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

Question: Can you please rule David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel out of your Love and War blind item? Fans who have suffered through four years of UST* don’t deserve any additional stress. We’re already on the edge. —Amy

Ausiello: Yes, I can rule them out. All indications are that those two AEO**.

Question: Will we be seeing Jan at all this season of “The Office”? —Kevin

Ausiello: There’s nothing on the books, as we say in the biz, but Melora Hardin insists it’s happening. “I know I am coming back this season,” she tells me. “Hopefully we’ll find out who the baby-daddy is.”

Question: “Office” scoop, please! —Colin

Ausiello: The mob subplot we’ve been hearing so much about will kick in while Jim and Pam are on their honeymoon. “Without Jim and Pam around, Michael and Andy and Dwight are visited by an Italian American insurance salesman and they think that it’s a mob visit,” explains exec producer Greg Daniels. “And there’s no one around to tell them that isn’t likely. So they kind of deal with the mob in their own minds.” Meanwhile, when the newlyweds return the following week, Daniels says there will be a shift in the power dynamic in the office. “Jim has gotten more ambitious because of the baby coming and is bumping up against Michael a little more. The company is dealing with the recession. Branches are closing and there are possible other shakeups happening there.”

Question: Take me to your leader. —R2d2

Ausiello: Sorry, Papa Smurf isn’t receiving guests at the moment.

Question: What’s the deal with Drea de Matteo’s back scar on Desperate Housewives? It kind of reminded me of Kimberly Shaw’s great scar reveal of ‘94. —Chris

Ausiello: That’s the first thing I thought of, too! I was curious if Marc Cherry was intentionally paying homage to “Melrose” when he wrote that scene, so you know what I did? I asked him! “It never occurred to me because the scars are in such different parts of the body,” he says. “Also, (Drea’s scar) seems like a little bit more of an organic piece of information as opposed to the very theatrical unveiling of Marcia’s scar on ‘Melrose.’ I never made a connection between the two.” Cherry goes on to say that he’ll be “dropping clues throughout the season” about the origin of her back blemish. “About the midway point of the season we’ll start to find out what happened.”

Question: Last week you mentioned how a significant character will die this season on “Dexter.” Could you confirm or deny that it’s Rita? —Engreido

Ausiello: I wish I could confirm that it was Rita. Girlfriend is seriously starting to grate. No, it’s someone slightly less annoying.

Question: Please tell me you have some scoop for “Dexter” fans! — Tina

Ausiello: “Dexter” will suffer some short-term memory loss in the wake of Sunday’s little fender-bender. Which is kind of a problem if the last thing you did was murder someone and chop up the body into little pieces.

Question: There’s a rumor going around about Jeremy Piven is being written out of “Entourage” next season. —Josh

Ausiello: Funny, I heard that rumor, too. But faster than you can say, “Sushigate 2,” Piven’s boss, exec producer Doug Ellin, sent me the following statement: “It is absolutely not true. Jeremy is my son’s fake father in the show and a genius. He is absolutely essential to the success of the show.”

Question: “Monk” fan here. Please give us a scoop. —Joe

Ausiello: Production on the series finale is about to get underway and Tony Shalhoub still doesn’t know how it’ll all end. “I’m going to wait until the last minute to read the final script,” he says. “We’re about (two) weeks away from the finish line, and the closer we get it’s really sad. We’re all starting to feel it now. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye. But like all things, eventually it has to come to a close.”

Question: Aaron Paul was robbed of an Emmy! Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” got any new scoop on Season 3? —Eric

Ausiello: Major spoiler alert: The jig is up for Walter! “My wife finds out that I’m a drug dealer in season 3,” reveals Bryan Cranston, “and everything (Walter) worked for could come crumbling down.”

Question: There has been chatter about a breakup and possible romance on “Criminal Minds.” Got any scoop on that? —JC

Ausiello: No to the breakup, yes to the possible romance.

Question: Any new info on the “Criminal Minds” spinoff? —Janet

Ausiello: The buzz is CBS wants the headliner to be female.

Question: Regarding your Love and War blind item, can you confirm or exclude Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo from “NCIS”? —Daniel

Ausiello: I can exclude.

Question: I know you don’t cover “Drop Dead Diva” that much, but I’m curious about the (second) exit of Fred. He left the show once and came back… only to leave again? I’m confused! And disappointed! Any idea why he’s out again? —Diana

Ausiello: No clue. Here’s a bigger question you should be asking yourself: Who’s knocking on Jane’s front door in the closing minutes of the season finale?

Question: Is it true that Colby might be getting a boyfriend this season on “Numb3rs”? —Michael

Ausiello: Not according to exec producer Cheryl Heuton. “Colby has been established on the show as interested in dating women, and he’s even become involved with a female guest character,” says Heuton. “There are no plans to depict him as bisexual.”

Question: Anything on “One Tree Hill”? —Anita

Ausiello: Casting scoop! Former NFL star and Hall of Famer John Riggins has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Clay’s boss, Ken Arthur. The sometime-actor (“Law & Order: CI,” “Guiding Light”) shows up in episode 10.

Question: I need “Glee” spoilers. Please? If you don’t deliver then I’ll bust the windows outcha car. —Chevy

Ausiello: Ha! I live in Manhattan and therefore don’t own a car! Now who feels like an idiot? Wait a second, I do take cabs… and they have windows… OK, here you go: By episode 9, Santana and Brittany will be the only Cheerios still involved with New Directions.

Question: Please tell me that your newest blind item about the quarreling on-screen duo is not about Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein. —Chiara

Ausiello: Are you kidding? Do you see the way she talks about him? No, it’s not them.

Question: I’m counting the days until “Ugly Betty” returns next Friday. Got scoop? —Jason

Ausiello: I’m hearing something about a pregnancy. And a fire. And the appearance of a mystery relative.

Question: Is it true that the new season of “Ugly Betty” will revolve around a murder mystery? —Tiffany

Ausiello: I don’t know anything about a season-long mystery. What I can tell you is that a murder will come to light in next week’s opener, but it will be resolved in the first part of the season.

Question: How long do “Bones” producers plan to continue rotating the interns before finally picking a replacement for Zack? —Matt

Ausiello: “Brennan will pick a grad student when we’re tired of our rotating interns,” responds “Bones” boss Hart Hanson. “These people all bring in different facets that we can use. Right now, this works for us. And I don’t know that anybody in the world really wants us to replace Zack. And I feel sorry for anybody in (that position) because they’re going to get yelled at. Poor Tamara. It took a LONG time for fans to accept her on our show after Cam slept with Booth. And John Francis Daily was erroneously seen as Zack’s replacement, because he came in and Zack went. That was, of course, never the intention. He was vilified for that. It takes a very long time for people to get into our family. I think we’d be putting a curse on anyone who was going to replace Zack.” I’d have to agree with him on that.

Question: What’s the latest on the “Bones”/“Lie to Me” crossover thingy. Happening? —Curtis

Ausiello: It’s still on the table but there’s nothing official to report. Hart Hanson is certainly up for it. “We have our own human lie detector in Sweets, so I think that would be a lot of fun,” he says. “It would be fun to have Gordon (Stephen Fry) there, too, and watch Stephen and Tim Roth face off.” But the best part? As Hanson points out, Roth’s Lightman “could look at Booth and Brennan and know who’s lying and who isn’t.”

Question: Do you know how many episodes Josie Bissett has committed to on “Melrose”? Surely as the new landlady she’ll be there quite often. —Ben

Ausiello: It sure seemed like they were setting her up for a lengthy stay, right? Well, believe it or not, she’s not scheduled to make any future appearances. “I don’t get it either,” Bissett confesses. “I don’t understand their plans with some of us. My feeling is they’re bringing us in to get the show started. Which is great… I guess the key is they want the young cast to take over and take over the show and not count on the old cast. We’re obviously drawing in a different audience. For me I guess it’s just going to be show by show. I’m kind of in the dark. It’s like, OK. What happened to all that stuff Jane said she was going to do? But that’s typical ‘Melrose.’ Jane will be back. I just don’t know how or when.”

Question: I’m so excited for the “How I Met Your Mother” musical number in the 100th episode! Is Neil Patrick Harris the only member of the cast taking part in it? —Tim

Ausiello: No, the entire cast will be involved. But NPH will be the headliner.

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* unresolved sexual tension ** adore each other