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Ask Ausiello: Answering 20 TV questions

Will a baby come to "Grey's Anatomy"? Is the Chief about to face a life-defining struggle? Will Cuddy and House get together? Get the dish on your favorite shows.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

Question: Is Izzie really pregnant on "Grey’s Anatomy"? —Elle

Ausiello: I’ll say this: ABC’s promo gurus are very sneaky! While we’re on the subject of Katherine Heigl, sources confirm to me exclusively that she’s taking another leave of absence from "Grey’s" — but this time her reasons are personal, not professional. Heigl will be going on a belated maternity leave to spend some QT with new daughter Naleigh. As a result, Izzie will be MIA for another string of episodes (most likely in early 2010.)

Question: Please tell me something will happen soon on "Grey’s Anatomy" that will make me stop hating the Chief! —Ann

Ausiello: Would the sight of him falling off the wagon do the trick? ‘Cause that’s what happens at the end of this week’s episode.

Question: I need a Puck-centric "Glee" scoop! —Tammy

Ausiello: Next week, he spills his guts to someone that he’s the father of Quinn’s baby. And she doesn’t respond the way he expected.

Question: It’s been a while since you’ve given us any "Private Practice" scoop! Is it just me or are Sam and Addison developing some romantic chemistry? Is there any possibility the writers might go there? —Jackie

Ausiello: If they were to go there, I have a feeling it would be during the final minutes of this week’s episode.

Question: This week’s episode of "Lie to Me" was awesome! Any word as to whether FOX is going to order a full season? —Rachel

Ausiello: Still no word on a back-nine pick-up, but I have a hunch we’ll be hearing some news on that front soon. Meanwhile, next week’s episode finds Lightman and Foster trying to track down the biological parents of a teenager who realizes he was abducted as a baby. But it’s Lightman’s parenting that comes into question when he has to bend the truth to his own daughter.

Question: Do you realize that you haven’t mentioned "The Big Bang Theory" in Ask Ausiello since August? Is it because of residual anger over Jim Parsons getting flipping robbed at the Emmys? Any scoop on our scientists? —Bethany

Ausiello: If I had an assistant I would totally make him/her/it fact-check the hell out of that August accusation. That can’t be right. Anyway, the hitcom’s Dec. 7 episode will be chock full of what Kaley Cuoco affectionately refers to as “Shenny moments.” In the episode, Penny asks Sheldon to teach her “a little physics” in order to get closer to Leonard. And believe it or not, he agrees! Sheldon deems it “Project Gorilla,” as he figures if someone could teach sign language to Koko the gorilla, then surely he could teach rudimentary physics to Penny.

Question: I know you don’t usually write about "Leverage," but maybe you could give me some scoop on the second half of season 2 for my birthday. —Bree

Ausiello: Didn’t you use that birthday line on me two weeks ago? Eh, whatever. Look for Nate to be thrown together with his ex-wife Maggie on a case in an episode that also marks the return of his nemesis Sterling. Also, Luke Perry will play an unscrupulous psychic in a guest turn my mole describes as “chilling.” Lastly, Eliot will finally put a baseball bat to its proper use.

Question: The last episode of "House" was painful to watch for us ‘Huddy’ fans. Please tell me Cuddy will drop the stupid PI and give House a chance? —Heather

Ausiello: Looks like we’re stuck with Lucas at least through early February. If it makes you feel any better, rumors that House’s mental institution lay, Lydia, will be paying a visit to Princeton-Plainsboro are apparently not true. An insider says there are no immediate plans for Franka Potente to return.

Question: What do you know about "Numb3rs’" likely series finale? —Alana

Ausiello: I know that the episode will feature a wedding, but not the one Charlie and Amita are currently planning.

Question: Please tell me you have some "Chuck" scoop. —Jake

Ausiello: I have some Chuck scoop. In episode 10, Casey does something bad. REALLY bad. Could-cost-him-his-job bad. And it’s connected to this.

Question: Is it too soon for "Big Love" scoop? — Caroline

Ausiello: Too soon? ROFLOLRULOCO? It’s never too soon for scoop on TV’s second best drama (after Mad Men, natch). About midway through the show’s fourth season (debuting Jan. 10), the taboo-shattering drama will finally go there with Ben and Margene. “We have flirted for three years with [that] relationship,” says series co-creator Mark V. Olsen. “And this year we finally decided to pay it off.”

Question: Is there anything you can give us to hold us over until "Scrubs’" Dec. 1 premiere? —Jillian

Ausiello: I can give you the 411 on the first two episodes, both of which I have seen and (for the most part) enjoyed. The med-school revamp was a bit jarring, I’ll admit, but it helped having so many familiar faces on hand (including J.D., Turk, Elliot, Kelso, Janitor and The Todd). Among the new faces, the breakout character is, without question, Dave Franco’s entitled douchebag, Cole. But as for whether Kerry Bishe’s Lucy has a strong enough voice, as it were, to inherit the narrator baton from Zach Braff’s J.D… well, the jury’s still out. And now for the spoilers: The first two episodes contain news of a death, Dr. Cox takes a page from Dr. House’s playbook and refers to his students as numbers (although he adds his own special twist), and J.D. and Turk’s hit single “Guy Love” makes a comeback.

Question: According to IMDB, Alexis Bledel will appear in an episode of "Lost" this season. Is that true? –Anita

Ausiello: No, it sure ain’t!

Question: A rumor started recently that Rudy Reyes from "Generation Kill" (with Alex Skarsgard!) was cast as Alcide on True Blood! Please tell me this is true! —Becks

Ausiello: No, it sure ain’t!

Question: What’s the latest word on "Ugly Betty" moving to Wednesdays? —Alec

Ausiello: All signs point to… it not happening. ABC insiders tell me "Betty" is staying put on Fridays for now. The most likely candidate to inherit "Eastwick’s" Wednesdays at 10 p.m. timeslot early next year is "Lost." Speaking of "Betty," is it just me or is the show kind of on fire right now? Every episode this season has been a winner. I’m even staying awake during the Daniel scenes!

Question: "Ugly Betty" seems to be fighting hard to win back viewers and fans this season. These episodes are way stronger than anything in season three. Got scoop? —J

Ausiello: Is there an echo in here? I better check the acoustics. In the meantime, look for Matt Newton (Becki Newton’s real-life bro) to debut in the upcoming Bahamas episode as Mark’s new boyfriend. But that’s old news. Here’s some new news: His stint has been expanded. He’ll now appear in roughly four episodes. Additionally, Nadia Dajani (Emily’s Reasons Why Not) has been cast as Mode’s new creative director for a couple episodes. Cal Hartley imports her from the movie business to try to makeover the magazine.

Question: Any details on what brings Zatanna back to "Smallville"? —Jeffrey

Ausiello: I hear she’s going to stir up some love-triangle drama between Lois and Clark. The episode’s called “Warrior” and, as I scooped in the latest episode of Ausiello TV, it’s the one set at San Diego Comic-Con Metropolis Wonder-Con. In other "Smallville" news, Tom Welling’s practically naked — and he’s making out with Lois!

Question: Any hints about the new love interest for Chloe on "Smallville"? —Sandra

Ausiello: She meets him at San Diego Comic-Con Metropolis Wonder-Con.

Question: What’s this about Connie Britton being involved in a scandalous storyline on "Friday Night Lights"? Details, please! At the very least an asterisk quiz! —Karl

Ausiello: I hear it involves a student and a possible *******n.

Question: I would very much appreciate a scoop on "NCIS". Preferably relationship-wise, but anything will do. —Alyssa

Ausiello: I can probably spin this as a relationship-based scoop. McGee’s love affair/obsession with jet-pack technology will resurface in an upcoming episode when he tackles a murder case involving, you guessed it, jet-pack technology! Chris Bruno (a.k.a. The Dead Zone’s Sheriff Bannerman) guest stars.