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Ashton Kutcher stands up for Michael Phelps

Ashton Kutcher’s Twittering and video posting about a noisy neighbor landed him in hot water last week, but it hasn’t stopped the actor from staying busy on the mirco-blogging Web site.

Kutcher was inspired to blog about Olympic great Michael Phelps’ acknowledgment of a photo in a British newspaper, which showed the swimmer smoking marijuana.

“I wish the media would kill this Phelps story. God forbid he hit a bong. Go ask your 20 year old kid what they did last weekend,” Kutcher wrote Monday morning.

“I’m not saying it was a smart move. But he doesn’t need to be publicly outed for it. Who ever put the pic out is an a--!” the actor continued. “He’s a good kid. BTW he could be a real douche but he’s not. Maybe the media can quit dragging his d--- in the dirt.”

Kutcher said he does not smoke marijuana, but understands how the Olympic star could have made the mistake.

“I don’t smoke and haven’t in quite some time,” Kutcher continued. “But I’m not immune to a lapse in good judgement (sic) from time to time.”

Fans should expect more of Kutcher’s rants and musings to continue on Twitter as his wife, Demi Moore, who is also fond of the mirco-blogging Web site, told Access Hollywood on Sunday.

“We’re big fans of Twitter,” she said. “We’re addicted.”